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12 December 2011


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I saw this recently with my girlfriend. My thumbnail review:

"Hallmark Movie of the Week meets Hawaii Five-O. Two thumbs down: I'd give it three, but I only have two hands."


Saw this a couple of weeks ago with my girlfriend. My capsule review at the time:

Hallmark Movie of the Week meets Hawaii Five-O. Two thumbs down: would make it three, but I only have two hands.


any fellow yokels doing a google image search on néné from the office might want to add birds or use nēnē.

The Twisted Genius

Never saw it. Probably never will. Thank you Alan Farrell for absolving me of any soul searing angst over my decision to miss the film... as well as the other two films about the plight of put upon sad sacks. Only the Hawaiian setting intrigued me about "The Descendants." I like spotting familiar places in movies and TV shows set in Hawaii, but not to the point of paying money for the privilege. I read that the soundtrack to this one included a lot of local Hawaiian music from the 70s. I'm a suck for Gabby Pahinui and his slack key guitar, but I can find that on YouTube.

Medicine Man

I have nothing against George Clooney in principle, but this movie sounds like boilerplate mush -- Quaker Oats with no brown sugar. Reviewing some of these movies is beginning to look like a heroic sacrifice on Mr. Farrell's part.

Jim Ticehurst

Mr. Farrell Understands "Sacrifice" very well..

To Quotre Cicero..."O Tempora..Oh Mores"..

The Inspiring Story of Alan Farrells Real world Life would make one of the Best Movies ever Made..


TypePad HTML Email

I’d pay money to see certain parts of it on screen.  And even more money to relive certain parts.  And yet more money to make a couple of adjustments to still
other parts.  All best, AFF



"TypePad HTML Email" Anyone. What is this in AF's messages? pl

Jim Ticehurst

Pat...I had said above..that I would like to see Alans Life story in a Movie...this was his response to that comment...

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