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12 December 2011


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Waiting for Pinot !
Farrell, you've got the gift.


There is a certain justice to being hit in the face by a motorcycle helmet, though in Hollywood they don't seem to do as much damage as in reality. Welcome back.

Nancy K

Sideways is filmed near where we live, and I enjoyed seeing familiar sites in Ventura however I could not get past the fact that he stole from his mother. I think he is portrayed as a sort of pathetic but likeable character, however that did it for me. I'm not sure why the director put than in uness he wanted us to see that everyone is fawed.


I thought Election was great but Payne’s other movies have all disappointed me to one degree or another. Sideways was all right. The movie was visually very ordinary, too bad given the country where it was shot, and while I didn’t expect that Miles would end up getting sent to AA I couldn’t understand why there was no acknowledgment somewhere in the film of what looked to me like a pretty straightforward case of alcoholism.

It was nice to see Virginia Madsen get a good part and I was grateful on her behalf that she didn’t have to do a bedroom scene with Paul Giamatti.

Payne likes to make movies about losers. Not that I expect the director to spell everything out for me, I don’t always know what he wants us to think about them or what he thinks about them. Or maybe I’m just less impressed with the food at The Hitching Post.


Is "Waiting for Pinot" film noir?


For all that care, you cannot the pass through the Ostrich Farm on the way from the restaurant to the hotel . . .

My experience, the more famous the vineyard (especially if it says "as seen in Sideways..") the more desirable to pass.

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