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10 December 2011


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g. powell

Ya know, you gotta wonder if there is limit to how far the GOP can take this Zionist-Christianist ideology before it starts hurting them in elections. So far it hasn't, and that's not good news.


"If we do survive, it will be in part because of people like Rick [Santorum] who've had the courage to tell the truth about the Iranians for a long time,"

I would comment, but first I must clean the vomit from my shoes. I certainly hope the smoking gun will not be a mushroom cloud.

My first thought was, "this guy thinks the American people are idiots," and then, well, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn now and then. Perhaps it is the perceptual idiocy that is an existential threat--an existential threat to American democracy.


Well then if Newt becomes the nominee... I will not vote and its four more with Obama....


Seems the conservatives at the Florida Family Association just can't abide any example of a Muslim American who doesn't support radical jihad and imposition of Sharia Law in America:



Forget Israel, Palestine.
Is a nuclear-armed Iran a threat to US security?



No more than the USSR, Russia, Pakistan and China. North Korea is more unpredictable but the ziocon campaign to "prove" that the Iranian government seeks martyrdom is just crap. pl pl


If Newt becomes President, and he makes the decision to support an Israeli attack on Iran, how would the US military command react? We know that a number of military figures think such an attack would be suicidal for the US because of the clear risk of escalation and the economic consequences. Would it just be salute and carry on?

Charles I

I'm so confused, he just came out for a one state solution, isn't that Iranian policy?


I lurk regularly but lack the subject erudition to speak on many of the topics.
Sir, what do you make of the capture of the Sentinel drone from an intelligence point of view in the light of the covert campaign against Iran ?


Watch the video? Um... what video?



Fetch! pl



A penalty that you pay for the principle of miltary subordination to the elected president is that they will obey any legal order and they are not lawyers. Like Bailisk they will then clean up the vomit on their own shoes. they would not be the firsr professional soldiers placed in such a position. pl


Cannot the military leadership resign in protest?



They could offer to resign their commissions or ask to be relieved of duty. The president is not obliged to accept their resignations and they are bound by their oaths until he does. In any event it is not in our tradition to do this because it would be defiance of the elected government. pl


I would argue that a nuclear armed Iran would bring a balance of power that would be conducive to a real settlement between all the parties in the middle east.

stanley henning

I came into the Republican debate in the middle of the Israel issue and was dumbfounded by what I was hearing. Looks like we are dealing with total ignorance and downright grova-ling. Hey, our ancestors came from everywhere, but as Americans we need to take OUR country more seriously. Also, most of the most idiotic actions that brought us to our current state happened before Obama became President. However, this also does not excuse the Democrats from their part the Sub-Prime loan fiasco or failing to stand up against the Iraq and other related foolish actions. Essentially none of these people are "leaders" no matter how wonderful some think they are>


Col. Lang,

Perhaps you and your readers will be interested in this:

"Expert on Iran Drone Claims: ‘Something is Really Amiss Here’"



In case of a totally nuts but legal order, i.e., an unprovoked nuclear attack on the civilian population centers of another country, I suppose one option is to delay carrying out the order because of logistical problems.


"“there is the potential for reverse engineering, clearly,” U.S. Air Force Chief Gen. Norton Schwartz confessed."

Is the reverse engineering that relevant?? or is it the fact that it was intercepted and brought down safely??

btw, Mr. Obama is asking for it to be returned!!!!!



Here is the web site that photo came from. The are several more and extensive analysis in other posts as well.


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