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11 December 2011


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Did you see that he proposes Bolton for Sec of State?



I'd add to your comment about the Israelis - if we (meaning the US electorate) believe anything he says, then we also deserve what we get afterward, no? Might be time to consider ex-pat status again....


so his homuncular megalomania will not be a issue as long as his winkiework is in order?

homuncular refers to character ~ xiaoren


My sub-conscious has worked this through over night and decided that unless something unforeseen takes place Gingrich is the probably nominee.

PL, I know you're probably right, but my highly trained capability to detect explosives keeps hearing, "tick...tick...tick." One never knows with "the speaker."


Why do we the U.S. have to get a bunch of wackos as our Presidential hopefuls to pick from, why? Which side of the bed did we roll over from to deserve such idiocy to choose from? OMG, are we screwed with a capital S if dingbat Gingrich gets in the power seat. We're screwed if any of the other dingbats Romney, etc. get it either.

I think I need to go and find an EXLAX, maybe I can flush my troubles away, come to think of it EXLAX wouldn't solve the candidate problem either, it'd clog our sewer system then we'd be in worse trouble, compounded. Oh well, guess I'll find an out-house hole to work with.

Too bad that nobody in D.C. has any backbone, let alone working brain cells to stick the bunch of nuts like Gingrich in prison cells for their cluster yobs they've heaped upon U.S..

Mom & Pop America is in trouble, and nobody is coming to their rescue.


Gingrich said Palestinians were invented.

Not 'invented' in the sense that we're all invented identities, but 'invented' in the conspiratorial sense.

'Invented' to fight Israel apparently. It's a dehumanizing terminology and Gingrich also followed up by saying 'these people are terrorists'.

Roy G.

Gingrich, who led the 'Republican Revolution' in the mid 90s. which led directly to the current fiscal/governance disaster that is upon us, is the poster boy for what has gone wrong in this country. His hypocrisy is emblematic too, from his power play disguised as a moral crusade against Bill Clinton, to his multimillion dollar lobbying fees, which he claims were simply for advice 'as a historian.' So, in sum, the architect of the current Washington gridlock and tax avoidance and ethically-compromised heavyweight lobbyist is going to clean the Augean Stables, using his super brain and clarity of vision. Right.

So, I suppose it will only be fitting that the 'no nothings' would think he's an acceptable choice for Emperor. Stupid is as stupid does.

Byron Raum

We are a democracy. We deserve what we elect.


& a republic... wherein institutionalized elites create & game the rules. one must hope for educated participants & elites having a moral compass. oh well...


Thanks for the insight on the Catholic angle.


As a Republican, I'll vote for Paul and boycott the general election.

Newton Bomb and Rombo are just to wacko for my tastes.

I wish we could see the smile on the Chinese...


"We are a democracy. We deserve what we elect."

And boy ole boy do we get it!


"Palestinians were invented"

Right out of the Firsters talking points. I love how the Firsters use the Bible as there justification for the State of Israel.


Speaking of Claude, how is the third novel coming?


Unless Newt the fright nominee to get out the vote for Obama. With more fanward-headed excrement in the system, the Republicans may prefer to have Barry there holding the umbrella - and the bag.

Who else could have made Obama look good?

Sidney O. Smith III

Erik Prince, CEO of Blackwater, is also a Catholic convert.

Perhaps if Newt becomes prez, then he will appoint Prince to command JSOC. They can call their domestic operations "The Knights of Columbus".

The joy.


Newt said the Palestinians were "invented" and were really just "Arabs". Is that like not being Slovenian or Slovakian, and just being European?

Both Slovenia and Slovakia were parts of Austro-Hungarian empire. So they are invented peoples too, right?

Sidney O. Smith III

I should have mentioned "J" instead of Lupe when writing the following comment awhile back as part of an essay that was response to Dr. Brenner "Buddha as Icon".

As a updated rewrite, maybe it should read as "'J' and Lupe Fiasco both appear to recognize..."

Regardless I still stand by following analysis that was posted a few moons ago.

"And Lupe Fiasco certainly appears to recognize the immense danger that Glenn Greenwald early warned us about. According to Glenn Greenwald – another one who has “moved on up a little higher” -- President Obama has authorized the assassination of American citizens. So what happens if someone like Newt Gingrich becomes US President and, consequently, takes over as executive of a highly centralized US Government with the authority to assassinate its citizens – a measure previously approved by President Obama? Who would end up on Gingrich’s hit list?"


Yes, couldn't agree more. We deserve the government we elect.

Pogo said it best - We have met the enemy and he is us.

The folks that have my sympathy are those that are negatively impacted by some of our inane governmental policies and who have no voice in it's formation. Iraq posed no imminent threat to us yet we kicked them because Cheney said "it was doable". Now we may do the same to the Persians! I am glad I will not be around when the shoe is on the other foot. It's the grandkids I worry about.


During yesterday's debate there was a good chance to 'nail' Newt on his 'professorial' tone, on the 'browbeating' others as the great "Historian" - when talking about Palestinians - and only Ron Paul had the presence of mind to mention that Israelis also did not exist in the area under Ottoman empire, but he could have been more forceful. Maybe he is the master in limitation of his rethoric, but even as 'historian' Newt was way wrong; perhaps he was given a cue on this topic by Shlomo Sand's book "The Invention of the Jewish People". That book is written by a true historian btw... and it stung the Israel-Firsters deeply.


Sheesh, Americans are an invented people.

Neut is an existential threat to the US.




We get this bunch because to many won't get off their duff's to vote in primary elections. The professionals like Newt & Co. treat such as she of the Gucci bag crew in the Amy Winehouse song; one day they might just catch on to how they are thought of.


Erik is safe-ly in Dubai avoiding DOJ, a pardon and a change in the civil code is likely the only thing to bring him back.


Sidney he need assassinate no one as an accusation of 'aiding and abetting' a terrorist organization would suffice to strip them of political influence.


The absurd yet hard truth is that not only are Obama and his Republican challengers losers - but that each is following a losing strategy. That makes the outcome all the less predictable. Of course, there will be a nominal winner.AND, as a corollary, an abject loser: the USA.

Given most of the country's willful ignorance, disdain for public affairs and naivete, they will be getting what the deserve. However, there remain the innocent victims: the old, the sick, the vulnerable, the disillusioned young, and those beyond our borders who may become our voteless victims. Has it always been thus? No! I grew up in an America where levels of political integrity, intellectual honesty, and accountability were substantially higher. A far from perfect society, but a viable democracy with a commendable record of achievement. Compared to the present or what lies in store? Well....

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