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27 December 2011


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When virginity tests are a widespread phenomenon, and used to determine whether a soldier has committed "rape of a virgin" or just the non-criminal act of "sex with a whore", then rape of women in prison in Egypt by soldiers or wardens must be common. Sobering thought.

And I agree, female circumcision in Egypt could not be as widespread and persistent a phenomenon if it only was for male or Islamic domination. To only blame it on the men is implausible. The Egyptian women and their attitudes are part of the culture and women must have have their part in the practice of female circumcision, if its persistence is any indication.

I recall some stories told to me about of how in western societies, ca 1950, people held petty attitudes towards divorced women, and single mothers, and from what I was told, these attitudes were expressed with particular glee by other women. Sisterly compassion? Very far from it.



It is not Islamic at all. It is African in origin. I will bet that somewhere in the Islamic world there is a fatwa against it. pl



There is indeed. In 2006 the Grand Mufti of Egypt pronounced a fatwa against genital mutilation. Pretty sure he's not the only one...

More conservative clerics, of course, have their own opinions. When the Egyptian government tried to outlaw it in the '90s a campaign by hardliners got them to overturn the ban.

William R. Cumming

The USA now has an asylum policy of granting asylum to those women faced with genital mutilation. Welcome the women of Egypt to the USA.

Retired (once-Serving)Patriot

but can we force a change? No. Only they can change themselves.

Indeed. It's a sentiment we need to accept for ourselves. Along with accepting the world as it is, not as we want it to be.



That is bound to be an immigration fight that is different.

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