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12 December 2011


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The Egyptian public will then give Mr. Obama a call.
Mr Obama will be leading from behind as always, would throw a good speech into the mix and would hope that the Muslim Brotherhood will change their true colors.

I'm no Ron Paul supporter, but considering the amount of chaos US foreign policy (do you have any?) causes around the world...Do us all a favor and just stay home.

Byron Raum

Yes. We have a foreign policy. It might have conflicting interests and we might often do things that are short-sighted, but we are not complete idiots, please.

If it wasn't for the US would the Islamic world be a shining beacon of democracy and justice, as opposed to being mostly run by a bunch of semi-fascist self-interested dictators?

Many of us are honestly interested in and support genuine democracies in Egypt and the rest of the Islamic world. Should we stop caring?

Kern de Gaud

"And how will you do that?"

Perhaps the same way they got rid of Mubarak. Is it likely that the MB will be able to seize enough power to institute a stable reign of terror worse than what was just overthrown? Similar to many other revolutionary moments, the ultimate arbiter upon failure of any faction to garner majority support for legitimacy of rule is who has the guns, organized and trained killers, and ruthless willingness to use them to liquidate political opposition. The MB is not at present in my opinion at the top of any such list of capability.

The kleptocrats who run Egyptian state security, inclusive of the formal military, might bow out after several years to a new stable government with genuine broad support across Egyptian society, leaving corrupt commercial and industrial 'management' to return to their only legitimate business of protecting Egypt's borders, but it's pretty unlikely they will do so for a MB regime attempting to violently suppress all other factions.

I'm not disagreeing that it's likely the MB will give it a go. I just don't think that if they do success will automatically follow. Given the vast uncertainty in how things will play out and the fact that our only, as opposed to Israeli or European, substantive strategic interest is open passage through the Suez Canal, we should be extraordinarily cautious in interfering in Egyptian internal affairs in ways that might create blowback against us.


Kern de Gaud.

"a stable reign of terror" You have no idea what real terror is like. pl



"Should we stop caring?" Yes, in re national policy we should mind our own business and stop treating them like childrem On the other hand, if you want to fight... pl


Col: Regarding Army Dress Uniforms. The Blue is fantastic. But General Dempsey needs to go easy on the piping. See http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archives/2011/12/general_dempsey/


"Should we stop caring ?"
You guys made enough mess don't you think so ?
The first phase would be the understanding that you can't superimpose your values and believes on other cultures.
On the other hand Obama can continue asking for things from the Iranian's, i'm sure that if asked nicely they would just stop their nuclear program, and will give you guys back your drone.


I understand there are clues for sale. You might look into getting one or more.



I agree that the blue uniform as an every dy uniform us a good idea but also agree tat the officer's uniforme should have some of the gold trim toned doan and/or removed. For enlisted I think the braid should be in branch colot, red for artillery, etc. pl


Yes you are right
Wouldn't those clues you are taking about be waiting for me inside the sock after the yearly visit of Santa ?

You guys got beaten in your own game. My guess just like with the F117 in Serbia, same route over and over again.

You don't have to wait much longer for santa's yearly visit.

Byron Raum

You didn't answer my question - do you think the world would be a wonderful place if it wasn't for the US? Most of the mess that you see around you is self-created.

Yes - I realize that not everyone believes that all human beings are created equal; I apologize for trying to get the world to treat each other decently.

Byron Raum

Fair enough.

Old Gun Pilot

Thank god the green "business suit" is gone, but rather than the blues for everyday I'd vote for the "pinks and green" of WWII fame.

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