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15 December 2011


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So... we lost?


Very apt.


Now to quit Afghanistan.


One would hope that American politicians, or politicians everywhere for that matter, are determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose serve their countries.

The Moar You Know

The question for those interested in peace is - how do we stop this from happening again?

I don't have an answer to this question, by the way. Just asking.


The best thing that come out of all this is some mechanism, some forced imposition of patient, thorough and transparent determination of the national interest before we ever go to war under the same circumstances as we did in Iraq.

It looks as if fate will give us another chance.


May God extend his blessings and protection to this young couple pictured as only he knows the difficult path they have chosen while we mere mortals need to insure our government upholds its promises in assisting them as they move through life.


Other than they are both speeches at the end of a war, they have nothing in common that I can see.

Lee's at least had a purpose, to help ensure the fighting would stop, and healing could begin.

The Iraq war was so pathetic, that even a good reason for it having been fought could not be found by the speaker.


Walrus: We are entering the age of Reverse Dollar Diplomacy. See http://www.zerohedge.com/news/imf-says-europe-needs-external-assistance-russia-pledges-use-proceeds-sale-us-treasurys-help-eu

Doug Tunnell

Hear ! Hear !

The Moar You Know

Haunting photo. The look of unmitigated terror on the bride's face should haunt the dreams of everyone who has seen that photo. I hope God helps them out a lot because the challenge they are facing is beyond the scope of mortals to deal with.


I believe it is still 'condition yellow' in every square inch of the Republic.

Jim Ticehurst

"We are not defined by Tragedy...But How We Carry On.."

William R. Cumming

Exactly when does the US turn over Iraqi Airspace to the Iraqis?

Mark Logan

Farmer Don,

Panetta tried to say what Lee did, but was very clumsy. Lee's eloquence was needed, IMO.

I have the flu today, and was laying on the couch watching the casing of the colors ceremony. The CNN commentators were pressing their people on the scene to make comments. The mindless, ignorant hacks would have them yakking into their mikes right at the moment the colors were being furled. I am most pleased they had the decency to remain silent and leave the people who were talking into their ear pieces to just piss-off.

Our guys performed splendidly, and paid the awful price. That's all we are honoring here today.



A few comments on the furling of the flags of the Iraq War that will not be mentioned by the pundits:

Vietnam Vets said “Never again”. Again happened; once again.

The 20 year war with Iraq has ended with the increase in Iranian influence as the only significant outcome.

The combination of Israel first neo-cons and for profit warriors was unstoppable.

As for the future:

The world economy implodes with the collapse of the Euro. The Israelis risk Armageddon with the attack on Iran. The War Profiteers will push for a second Mexican Incursion. The Elite will hire more rent a cops to guard their gated communities from the offspring of the collapsing American Middle Class


They've gone their separate ways.

New Orleans

If the Vietnam generation couldn't remember the lessons of the Gulf of Tonkin, we can have no expectation that subsequent generations will grasp the lessons of WMD.


"...the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed..." beautifully put.



Drafted by Lt. Col. Charles Marshall, a cousin of George C. Marshall. Lee changed about three words in the draft. pl


The words of a gentleman.


Col., so I was interviewed by NPR Here and Now about the end of the war today and got an opportunity to slip in the spirit Lt. Col. Marshall's phrase as, "The American soldier can leave with the satisfaction that comes from a duty faithfully performed." It seemed appropriate.

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