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13 December 2011


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This story is repeated nationwide time and time again. Some use their created pedigree in pursuit of higher office or community prestige, sadly some have to manufacture credentials in attempts to garner sympathy. I drove to the Pentagon Mall recently and coming off Shirley Hywy/395 saw a fellow about my age (in the medium before the turn into the mall garage) wearing a dated field jacket with a MACV Patch (my unit in RVN) and clutching a tattered cardboard sign proclaiming to be a homeless Viet vet. I parked and (en route to the Pentagon) detoured to approach him and engage in conversation. We quickly established he was not a MACV alumi nor had he ever been in RVN. Sad. A conflicting set of emotions ran thru me; one to confiscate his TA-50 and destroy his sign (truth in advertising extends far) &the other was pity for a obviously down and out soul. I simply walked away.

Now this toad in Florida chaps my cheeks. He needs to be roundly outed, ridiculed and shamed. Maybe a couple hundred hours community service in a VA hospital or...my solution..a stint in a VFW club maybe outside the gate in Fayetteville, NC.

John Minnerath

It seems like every community, no matter how small, has one of these cretins around.
It's sickening to read how some consider the Stolen Valor Law is an unconstitutional restriction of free speech.
I wonder how the SCOTUS will rule on this.

Medicine Man

An epidemic of people who want to "be someone, rather than do something" to borrow a phrase.


"Walls was arrested Jan. 28 on charges of false imprisonment and sexual battery about a month after a trainee at the tanning salon he owns said she was raped."

There is "Stolen Valor" and then there is rape of a 16 year old.


I had this situation in Georgia a couple of years back. The local rag had an article about this homeless dude who claimed to be a Nam vet and gave his birth as 1956. I wrote the paper and said" There are a number of Vietnam Veterans with significant problems and for you to publish a piece like this without the most basic research does them a real disservice". Dumb asses.


Speaking of Stolen Valor,I'd also like to know how folks feel about Mitt and Bob the gay Nam Vet.



Mj, I think Mitt appeared to be a man who wants the vote of the small-minded hater so badly that he'll pay great personal, emotional, and ethical costs.

It's a shame he feels the need to act that way. Just reading his body language, I don't think he really believes those stereotypically bigoted views he mouthes are anything but a burden he must bear to get the republican nomination.


Bob is a man of valor who represents me more than Mitt or any other caqndidate.


"Walts" as in Walter Mitty. Mostly harmless unless they are after cash.

It's a Federal offense to claim membership here. Is it the same in the USA?


They come out around April 25 each year down here.

Always pathetic more than anything else, although it is a crime to impersonate a former soldier.



I believe itt is a crime here as well. pl


I met a "Vietnam Vet" in a hostel in Cracow, Poland back in 1995. And a former "Para-rescue Jumper" gave me a ride when I was hitchhiking to the coast in Oregon in 1998. It can be very, very rewarding to encourage and applaud these gentlemen's stories... because the stories get better and better under the warm glow of praise. Also, too, I learned that American Spirit cigs are all-natural and don't cause cancer. Then of course, as you say, it's time to ask for details about units and dates. Although the "Vietnam Vet" had done some homework and told me all about the max effective range of an M16A1 on point and area targets in the process of not telling me which units he'd served with.


Many years ago I was in the trucking business and if you believe what you heard on the CB ( you shouldn't), about 80% of all truck drivers used to be Green Berets, Delta Force or Navy Seals. Unfortunately, some take these pretensions literally and show up in uniform.

It is too bad that when they are caught, they can't be ordered to actually serve. If you claim to be a Colonel, that should be good for about 20 years.

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