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12 December 2011


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We don’t need any more cinematic rehearsals of depression. We need some reasons for joy.

Exactly what "Sullivan's Travels" was about. A goofy romp through the Depression, not a gooey rump that leads to depression.


Hated that movie. The hot tub scene with Bates was a cheap joke at the expense of the actress and the character. Nicholson did manage to summon up some of the old zing for Schmidt's Big Speech but that's all I can say for him or the film.

Paul Escobar

If I was giving Ebert advice on saving his PBS show, I'd tell him to hire these two guys:

Alan Farrell:

Now, I’m a vulgar man, as may be evident enough from these brief and overwritten reviews. A vulgar man. Yet even I wasn’t prepared for the sight of Kathy Bates (50 years old, 5’5”, 250 lbs) stark necked...

James Franco:

In 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn'...the protagonists finally marry, having waited until the wise old age of eighteen. And since the book and the film dutifully show them being wed, they are then allowed to fuck each others’ brains out.


Jim Ticehurst

I don't know Jack Schmitt about Movies..cuz I dont have TV ..and The State Trooper won't pick me Up when I Hitch-hike to Booneyville..to catch a Moive...so..i will just Say..Keep those Cadets in Line...Alan..Duck When its Incoming...and have a Cheerful Holiday and more satisfying New Year..Cheers..

different clue

I don't see enough movies or know about enough of them to know whether there are any reasons-for-joy movies elsewhere or somewhere in the movie industry.

But if there are not, there may still be other bits of reasons-for-joy media. I found a bit of media which gives me reasons for hope and even possible theoretical joy whenever I watch it. It is only a few minutes long and has no plot or character development or anything else a feature movie gives us. But it offers a non-fiction real-world vision of possible hope to be cultivated and joy found therein. It is called "2,000 Year Old Food Forest In Morocco".


I actually this movie had some very good acting. Not really my favorite movie genre but I liked it anyway. Thumbs up on the review!

D. Perry
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