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09 December 2011


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Eric Dönges

Quoting Mr. Akunis - "I have one law that is right and just, that says that a foreign country will not transfer money to another country.". So, as a German taxpayer, I will no longer have to fund gifts like German submarines for Israel, as Israel will no longer accept money from foreign countries. I like it ! More laws like this please !

Charles I


"I have one law that is right and just, that says that a foreign country will not transfer money to another country."

Run that by your Congress

The beaver

Well here comes the opportunist

Newt: clemency for Pollard

steve g

Dead Sea Scrolling down the yiddish
dictionary we might find this entry
from the above under the heading "Chutzpah"
"Elected officals all over the world should
first worry about their problems at home."
Too whom might this be directed??


"Referring to the convicted Israeli spy, Biden was quoted by the New York Times as telling Florida rabbis that U.S. President Barak Obama "was considering clemency, but I told him, ‘Over my dead body are we going to let him out before his time.'’"

At least they got the " convicted Israeli spy" part out in public. Good for Biden, too.


"Elected officials all over the world should
first worry about their problems at home."

Absolutely, cut their foreign and military aid and access to US Universities for their students. Our people should come first.


"The author of the article is JP Benjamin."

PL, that is one interesting reference. It seems the homework here at SST just keeps getting more interesting. Why the reference to Judah P. Benjamin? His selection by the State Legislature in Louisiana to make him a US Senator, his turning down a Supreme Court nomination, his decision to join the CSA government (I found that he many years previously challenged Jefferson Davis to a duel rather interesting) and his service therein; his move to London and service as barrister in England; or that his father helped found the first reform congregation in the US? Maybe all the above?



Yes, all of it. Offered a Supreme Court seat offered us ambassador in London, rich planter. married into creole aristocracy, never a Christian, buried in Pere Lachaise. pl



Thanks. I'll have to do a bit more reading. Seems there are plenty of Benjamin Wade types running around, not many men (or women) like Judah Benjamin. Good thing for Lincoln there was only one of the latter. (and for Andrew Johnson that plenty in the Senate knew what the former would do if he were impeached).



Men like Benjamin are rare in any time and place. pl


Yep. And Israel must desist from funding pro-Israel human rights activity in the US, e.g. Stand with Us, AIPAC, all of them. After all, they "have the goal of influencing political debates, and the character and the policies of the state of... (America)" as the PM says.

If this doesn't work, the US should investigate the funding of all these groups to assure that Israel is not funding such activity in the US.

The thing that grabs me is that this is all such obvious hypocrisy -- Can these jerks really think that nobody will put the shoe on the other foot? Are they that dense? Or are they deaf and dumb?


Right on. The US first.

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