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20 December 2011


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William R. Cumming

Legally of course foreign governments and non citizens cannot contribute to Presidential campaigns. The NAZI's effort some think might have exceeded $40 million in the election of 1940 trying to defeat FDR. But there is no real system of enforcement. So the whole world that understands the real fundamentals of USA power tries to do its best to get the President it wants. China and the Saudi bought the Bush family and other pieces of history yet to be written. But perhaps someday it will be. My guess is that a great deal of USA foreign assistance comes back here as campaign donations and to afford the expensive lobbyists that own Congress and each administration.

And did you notice another Russian thief paid $88 million for his Central Park Condo. I sure he is a believer in democracy.


Ron Paul absolutely is looking good. Since I've been blessed with a good job, I neither seek government aid nor a tax cut. Hence, none of the current crop of politicians have anything to offer...except Paul.

For some of us, all we want is an end to preemptive war. That's it. We don't want a check. We don't want validation. We don't want meaning. We just want an end to Eternal Wars of Choice.

Morning Joe had a guest on today from Politico: He stated that Iowa would make itself "irrelevant" if its voters chose Paul. Silly me, I thought candidates had to make themselves "relevant" to the voters.


it is in America's vital national security interests to support the Jewish State of Israel and it is right ... to give a warm welcome to the leader of such a dear and essential ally," Rothman said

I wonder what he thinks of our 'dear and essential ally's' betrayal via selling US defense secrets to the USSR and the granting of Isreali citizenship to Jonathan Pollard for delivering these to Israel?



"essential ally" Essential for what? pl


But this is an equal opportunity congress. The same guys also sold out to Saudis? Yes?



Congressman Rothman's words as quoted in the article you linked too. Perhaps they are essential for campaign funds for the Representative?


I'm becoming more and more depressed by what I'm seeing. I guess I'm getting old in a timely manner so I don't have to see the ultimate results this mess, but I feel sad for my little granddaughter who will have to cope with a brutal future.


Take a look at the google news search results for Ron Paul:


Scroll down and read all the headlines. If that doesn't make you utterly sick I don't know what will.

Patrick D

Indeed. IMO, we are grossly over-committed to MENA in general. Regarding Isreal in particular, if the U.S. didn't have Isreal as an "ally", we wouldn't "need" Isreal as an "ally".

Medicine Man

Interesting. Thomas Friedman isn't widely regarded as a portrait of courage in many places on the interwebz. In fact, to many his very name is synonymous with dithering, wait and see-ism; the so-called "Friedman-unit" is a 6-month period of time during which no judgments are made or conclusions entertained, to be followed by another Friedman-unit if the direction of the wind isn't yet clear.

I suspect that the Friedman showing spine is indication of editorial direction at the NYT and consequently also an indication of the feelings of the people bankrolling the NYT.

Buzz Meeks

Perhaps this might help a Ron Paul nomination which would then force some presidential "debate" questions and debate shuffle by Obamba. This from Washington's Blog


Best wishes and a Merry Christmas to all.

Buzz Meeks


I've been mulling over the current sorry state of our bankrupt leadership (both parties) and have developed a new perspective which I would like to share. Rather than totally blame Israel for our recent self destructive actions, I believe the real issue is our bumbling leadership which fails to stand back, stand up and cautiously approach the issues in a well thought out and balanced manner with our own interests as the priority. And I'm also afraid that, not only we, but our so-called "ally" as well fails to realize that, if the current momentum continues, we won't even be in a position to help when a truly crucial moment arises in the future.


WRC, why the "Russian" label. At least the $88 million were not filtered to Tel Aviv....er, perhaps indirectly......


This idea is starting to be mentioned on the web sites I visit.

I think it would be great for America, not to mention an interesting show for America watchers.

Happy Festivus for the rest of us.



"The term 'Israel lobby' implies the existence of a Zionist cabal wielding inordinate economic and political power."

No, it implies nothing - the term is simple & means what it states in plain language. Characterizing an implication as a prejudice is typical strawman misdirection - PR wordsmithing / propaganda technique.

The LAST thing we want in the USA (especially in an election year - "they can't handle the truth!"), is open dialog about lobbying for & by foreign powers - "allies" or otherwise. Too much $$$ & power at stake, all around.


I live in Iowa and am switching my registration tomorrow to republican to vote in the caucuses for Paul.


Ked: We also have a Saudi lobby. Of course, it's existence is not controversal.

Green Zone Cafe

I remember the Greek lobby prevented the sale of F-16s to Turkey, another NATO ally, for years.

Martin Oline

Friedman's comment leaves me genuinely puzzled. I have never cared for his habit of racing to the front of any parade. Getting between him and a camera could be a fatal mistake. I think this habit is to garner greater book sales.

I would guess that he just hates Netanyahu and would prefer to see someone else as Prime Minister. It is possible he has seen the past performance of the Congressional lap dogs and correctly fears that a war with Iran will adversely affect his stock portfolio.

I am confident that Ron Paul will take the Iowa caucuses. Many years ago my father ( a life long Republican ) told me that he received free drink coupons to go to the Iowa Caucuses and vote for McGovern. Nixon got to pick his opponent because of McGovern's momentum from that result! I think many Independents will caucus for a similar effect. I think Independents can also vote in the Republican New Hampshire primary. Poor Ron will never make it to the nomination because he will have his own "night of the long knives".

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