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07 November 2011


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'In the future', I understand, but what about in the present as in Israel's deliverable stuff. Are we talking about a grandfather clause for those current?

Israel is a mad-hatter, crazy-as-a-bed-bug, looney-as-a-loon, and they have a deliverable cache. I shudder at the thought of them being 'grandfathered' with their current cache.

Oh well.

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:

So you are suggesting that NPT is a dead-letter and replaced by the United States Military?

You cannot be serious.


A war is "necessary" to strategically reshape the landscape and make the settlements effectively irrelevant.

We are dealing with world-class evil here.


"Iranian scientists worked concurrently across multiple disciplines to obtain key skills needed to make and test a nuclear weapon that could fit inside the country’s long-range missiles, said David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector who has reviewed the intelligence files."

It seems that doing anything more than scratching your backside these days is "obtaining key skills" needed to make a bomb. We want those pesky Arabs to permanently live in the stone age don't we?

Col. Lang, I think your proposed American unilateral nuclear weapons policy will simply focus weapons investment towards "the poor mans nuclear weapon". In the field of biologicals, I'm not sure that a nation like Iran can't get lucky. The resources required are limited and easy to hide, nor is the source necessarily traceable.

Remember Aralsk.




The Iranians are saying the IAEA stuff on a purported Iranian missile program is a 'fake'.



I think that this one falls within the parameters of 'logrolling' by the Israelis.


It's interesting how an Asst.Sec-O-State who flagrantly has obvious conflicting interests in this, is for the most part acting as a mouthpiece for a foreign government (IMO anyways), instead of just stick to the facts (as Jack Webb always said), the Asst.Sec-O-State 'embellishes' on behalf of a foreign government.

Does anybody know how much that U.S. involvement in this dog-n-pony show with the Israelis is costing U.S. and how much is it depleating DoD equipment & supply reserves?



I am a realist. If the NPT fails then it must be replaced with something else. pl

Babak Makkinejad

No offense Col. Lang but US has been the biggest offender against NPT; in my opinion.

The beaver


Anything to get re-elected and to please the mamitas, on the Eastern seaboard or west coast, who know zilch about NTP or can't differentiate a Persian from an Arab.


I think that views of preempting potential nuclear upstarts are extremely dangerous and questionable. How can we possibly expect others to buy this with Israel locked and loaded. Whether we like it or not, we are in slippery territory. Will all this end in Armageddon?


Matthew, which world-class evil do you refer too?



why re-invent smallpox? We've got enough anti-inoculation crazies in the US that by refusing basic inoculations are causing dramatic increases in childhood illnesses like whooping cough that were close to being eradicated. Biological attack? All you really need to do is poison one of the three major beef packing plants in the US to put the panic on.



The Russian's aren't too happy either.


It's just a pity that the failure of the NPT, if it comes to that, is in part owed to politicos who try to abuse it as a means to achieve regime change.

That's IMO largely what doesn't work about the NPT. The NPT is a treaty which's goal it is to accelerate the proliferation of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. It isn't the sanction machine the US want it to be. It works just fine, it just doesn't work fine to put Iran in a box, and it doesn't work in that because the NPT was never designed or intended to achieve that end.

IMO the US are by inclination and temperament incapable of not trying to co-opt organisations like the IAEA for their political ends, and so are the the Israelis. The US cannot be neutral themselves, and don't really accept neutrals, and the Israelis only are interested in themselves anyway.

If the US replace the NPT, that means that some of the people who wrecked the treaty in the first place will be the ones who feel called to replace it., and they will back up their non-proliferation demands by threat of force and with hostile acts like blockades i.e. sanctions.

The end of the NPT, and the US trying to fill the vacuum, will probably result in accelerated proliferation as a safeguard to US threats and US intervention.

The safeguards regime, globally, works reasonably well, and it only works well because it is neutral IAEA experts who come to these countries as neutrals that these states cooperate. They won't cooperate as willingly with the US, considering US policy interests. That that leads to is either dysfunction and/or confrontation.

I am not at all persuaded that the US is a suitable or effective surrogate for the NPT. I strongly hope it'll never come to that.


Fred: The constant propaganda campaigns to gin up wars of choice. Basically, Israeli foreign policy.


The NPT also calls for eventual nuclear disarmment by the nuclear powers. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_Non-Proliferation_Treaty

What do you think the chances are that will happen?


How about only grandfathering publicly declared nuclear weapons stocks?


Slim chances. It is exceedingly unlikely that the major nuclear powers will give up their arsenal, just because they want to retain their nukes as the ultima ratio. There isn't enough trust around for full nuclear disarmament.

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