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07 November 2011


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The scene of Tamura sitting on the rock catching the swarm of flies made me gag so bad I almost threw up. A powerful movie I'll never watch again.

Jim Ticehurst

Fascinating Review Allen...sounds like a Powerful Movie with Tremendous emotional Impact..Your own Words and comments always make Real Why War is Hell..for everyone..

I once met an WW2 Army Vet years ago..He was an LT..when they took Mindenau Island (sp..?) back from the Japanese..He gave me the Ariska Rifle he recovered from a Cave there..along with a Hard bound Book The Japanese had of thier victories in the Pacific up to that point..and also a Nice little Push Dagger in wood sheat that His Moro Native Guide had given him..

The only thing He wanted to keep was a Japanese Flag that was in His Backpack when a Slug went through his back pack..through that flag...and also a Can of Beans which leaked down his Back..Making him think He was shot aaand Bleeding..

Sunken eyes..Dead Eyes in Still Living Bodys..

Common Features in Most Combat Pictures I have seen...same with Civilians Facing Starvation and Genocide around the World..especially now in Africa..

Yes..War is Bad and Life is Brutal..Strewn with Decay..
You Know..Don't you..

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