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10 November 2011


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Interesting article. "... He became religious after the Six Day War, ..." So after the USS Liberty was attacked in international waters he chose Israel first... Sure explains allot.


Another one too afraid or comfortable to make aliyah.


"relentlessly sought to advance the interests of Israel's covert ally, Iran"

so true.

The Beaver

He is going back to the "pro-Israel" think tank WINEP.

Roy G.

Good. I hope Jeffrey Feltman is next. I'm taking the last sentence as hopeful, relatively speaking.

I'd say Toady Blair should go next, but at this point, he's just comic relief.

The Beaver

Interesting para. from Jim Lobe:

While adept at keeping a low profile, Ross has focused in particular on U.S. policy toward Iran, about which he has long-held hawkish views, and on Israel-Arab relations, especially the U.S.-led Israel- Palestinian "peace process" which appears to have reached a dead end under his supervision.

Indeed, Palestinian leaders, who have often referred to Ross as "Israel's lawyer", have refused to meet with him formally since shortly after the resignation of Obama's first special envoy for the Middle East, Sen. George Mitchell, last May.

"Dennis Ross is returning to the outpost of the Israel Lobby whence he came, leaving a diplomatic shambles behind him," according to Amb. Chas Freeman (ret.), former head of the Middle East Policy Council here.

"None of the issues in his charge prospered during his tenure, which saw the collapse of any pretence of a peace process between Israel and the Arabs, a deepening of the Iranian conviction that a nuclear deterrent is necessary to deter Israeli or American attack, and the collapse of American prestige and influence among the Arabs and in the Islamic world more generally," he wrote in an email exchange with IPS.

William R. Cumming

P.L> Apologies but HT is who?

ex-PFC Chuck

Like WRC, I'm equally unable to come up with a name for "HT."

The beaver


If I am not mistaken: Howard Teicher- presently working at Expand Networks ( he is in good company !!!)



The beaver,

Ah yes, the NSC 'kibbutzniks', Oliver, Dennis, and Howard.

Kibbutznik Teicher has made himself some coin at DoD's teet through the years.



Love it when you lock and load. Do more of it.


He isn't going. He is merely retreating to hibernate and then emerge again.

William R. Cumming

Thanks Beaver! Seems to fit!


PLEASE tell me that it isn't so. Gawly geez, just when I thought some rays of sunshine were going to emerge.

Too bad that Ross will never be prosecuted for failing to register himself as an agent for a foreign government.

Kibbutznik Ross really needs to not re-enter U.S. Government service, it would be doing our U.S. a great service if he never re-entered again.

Aw well, guess we can't have everything.
Israel's 5th columns are like nests of termites.

The beaver


This is his M.O. He worked for Papa Bush and Bill Clinton but (for whatever reasons) didn't work for Bush, the son but started with Obama during his campaign.
Won't be surprised to see him co-author another book during his "family time" at WINEP (or should Obama lose in 2012 - on the WH faulty policies). Wonder how he will be treated by Mitt and his pro-Isreal clique?


Caution; better the devil you know. Who will replace this Grima Wormtongue?



There are many but the argument was defeated for now. pl


WINEP is most probably being subsidized by the Israeli Government through their various money schemes, how much of Dennis's WINEP paycheck coin is attributable to the Israel Governmental money schemes? WINEP an Israeli 5th Column really needs to be hammered by DoJ as agents for a foreign government. Aw I forgot, DoJ has no backbone when it comes to going after the Israeli 5th Columns, and those within DoJ who do have some backbone and are willing, are cut off at their knees by Israeli Agents already in place within our DoJ. I really feel sorry for the FBI guys having to be a part of the errant DoJ.

Our nation really needs IMO a separate entity apart from DoJ but with co-equal prosecution/investigation authority to go after the Israeli 5th Columns that are at work within our national borders. A separate agency that can go after foreign spies with out fear of redress from the political hacks of both the White House and Congress who appear to be Israeli 5th Column operatives.


I wish I could serve my people (Americans) rather than just sit here and watch all the disgusting implementation of misdirected actions by others serving "their people".


"relentlessly sought to advance the interests of Israel's covert ally, Iran"

Sometimes it appears that both sides really want to fight each other today over the Hawk deal gone bad in that bygone era.


Like many old pols, Panetta probably didn't think all those unctuous praises of Israel would ever come at a price, i.e., that Zionists would take the cheap slogans of eternal support....literally.

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