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14 November 2011


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John Stack

Ex British Ambassador just NOW has revealed British /Israeli planning to bomb IRAN


It looks like the livin is still pretty good,up there in ole virginny!

New Orleans

Though not anywhere near as impressive as your prime rib, few things are tastier than a pork Boston butt on the grill. The keys are indirect heat and smoking wood, i.e. hickory or mesquite. Hard to use too much smoke.

The Moar You Know

So...what's a guy got to do to get an invite? That looks delicious.


Check out Jackson Diehl's piece in WaPo today on the so-called public discussion of Israel attacking Iran. A red herring to divert attention from Israeli/Palestinian issues?

Otherwise it's sheer madness.



Colonel, I went to Crabill's website and they have quite an impressive array of product. Just for a hobby, I make sausage and smoked and cured meat. Hard to believe, but here in Iowa it's really difficult to find pork liver for boudin and hog jowls for guanciale, even pork belly for bacon requires a long trip.

That roast looks lovely.


The Craig Murray peice looks credible to me - an exact re-run of the lead up to the Iraq war.

I don't think the IAEA report is enough to get the attack rolling, another "curveball" is needed or an alleged Iranian attack on something.


P.S. The prime rib roast looks good. How long did you roast it for?


Some very deep plots to push Britain into war with Iran revealed by ex-British Ambassador Craig Murray.

It reveals a lot about what was going on in the murky case of British Defence Minister Liam Fox who recently resigned because of his very close relationship with the mysterious Adam Werrity and their links with various American and Israeli neo-con outfits.

Murray has written many articles for the MSM which have all been published. This is the first one he has ever had refused:



Mr Lang,
re: the prime rib - can you recommend a good cook book for American Southern cuisine, or traditional American cuisine generally for that matter? Judging by what I get to see here every now and then, it definitely appears worth exploring.

B. D. Warbucks


Wow! A five-bone rib roast from local beef. I cannot even begin to imagine how awesome that hunk o' meat must have tasted.

Now that I have some time on my hands, I will have to make a journey to the Valley to peruse Crabill's wares...

As for the Persians, who cares? Let them boil in their own pudding. Time and demographics are against them. Our nation's challenge is to keep them in check, as well as the Israelis. It will not be easy, but definitely doable at minimal cost.



Mine was a three bone roast, but it looked and tasted every bit this good. Crabill semi-detached the bones and then tied them back on so that the meat would cook with the bones in contact. Two and a half hours cooking time. Twenty minutes rest afterward. Covered the roast with coarse salt, black pepper and garlic in a paste. Eight dollars a pound if I remember correctly. pl

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:

Can veal or beef be substituted in this recipie?

Or is this a strictly piggish affair?

dan bradburd

I really like Bill Neal's "Southern Cooking." But I'm only a Yankee who lived a while in the South.



This is beef. pl

Mike Martin

Pat, you are guilty of disseminating Food Porn. Durn yore hide.


That description,is borderline food pornography!



Re: "Time and demographics are against them"

Je suis d'accord avec ce que tu dis.

The arabs & israelis can't wait to be rid of their "al-faranj" persian foes.

The U.S. govt must sort out its own fiscal cr*p, among other equally pressing issues, for the country to stay the dominant superpower.

In order to play a custodial role, overseeing these childish pricks who aspire pathetically for similar power status.

Mark Logan


What's borderline about it?

What troubles me is the joy at there supposedly being no leftovers. Dis-information? I know there would be at least one memorable sandwich's worth in the back of my fridge right now. Probably two.



Just to add to the food porn, I cooked fingerling otatoes in the "skins" in the drip psn under the rotating roast. I had salted and peppered them. They cooked in all that lovely dripping beef fat for an hour and a half. Drained the excess fat off hen they were done. The guests fought for them. pl


In Georgia, the classic southern cooking cookbook is my Southern Cooking by Ms. S. R. Dull (1863-1964) who wrote during the mid 20th Century for the Atlanta Journal as its Home Economics Editor. Ms. Dull was a very interesting woman and her weekly recipes were clipped regularly. The book is http://www.ugapress.org/index.php/books/southern_cooking/

R. Whitman

Holy Chloresterol!!



I have low cholesterol. pl


Genetics is health destiny.

The food sounds wonderful! I'm envious. I don't eat beef, and still have high cholesterol.

Charles I

Who can think Iran confronted with that and "lovely dripping beef fat. . .

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