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07 October 2011


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Colonel, TTG, WRC, Fred,

DoJ who drafted/proposed/wrote the 'secret memo' that the 'secret committee' and the President bought off on, is NOT BEING RELEASED by DoJ, DoJ refuses to release it. Me thinks that there is something foul afoot at DoJ and within the 'secret committee. Also just 'who/whom' are these panel of 'secret lawyers' from 'across' the Obama Administration that bought off on this DoJ kill-an-American proposal?

Now my 64 dollar question -- when does 'killing' cross the line and become 'murder' by our 'Government' (gvrnment as sum call it)? 'When', repeat 'when' will the wonks who are 'responsible' for the breaking of existing U.S. Laws/Constitution Protections' be held 'legally accountable' for their crossing in to the 'cold-blooded murder realm? I'm referring to those 'accountable' like the 'secret committee', the 'secret lawyers' from across the Obama Administration, the DoJ writers/originators/proposers of the extra-judicial killing procedures, a President who very possibly may have 'criminally overstepped' his legally protected confines of the Office of the Presidency.

Do we have a modern day Tricky Dicky, but instead of break-ins/theft, this modern one involves murder of American citizens, citizens for better or worse who have Constitutionally Granted/Protected Rights, no matter how ugly (behavior wise) of a citizen they may be?

Since Mr. Obama was elected, rumors of his 'Nero Complex' have abounded, and is what we are witnessing his psychological make-up coming to the forefront? Does he self-perceive himself to be our American 'Emperor'?

911, NOBODY was held 'accountable' for their screw-ups, and it has since snowballed into this latest. When will the rule of law and Constitutional Protections prevail?

I never thought that I would live to see our beloved America have its very own NKVD (DHS, DHS/TSA), but it has.

Woa to our children and our to our children's children, if this 'extra-judicial' and 'unitary executive' malfeasance of office isn't nipped in the bud.

William R. Cumming

J! You are rightously indignant!

The Twisted Genius

A couple of days ago I noted this secret death council and called it an abomination. What is now equally horrifying is the lack of widespread outcry against it. Even if just to further their own selfish purposes, the Tea Party and Republican politicians should be screaming bloody murder over it. The left sits like a deer caught in the headlights because Obama was supposed to be their leader. J, it chaps my ass, too. I'm starting to feel guilty about not being out on the streets right now. I'm really wondering if it will come to that in my lifetime.


Boiling Frog Syndrome - we have become desensitized to the gradual erosion of Americanness.


Accountability is coming from the bottom, thus OWS protests. (the cops are even macing Fox News reporters now):


This is who Obama is listening too:


William R. Cumming

Good time for all to read or reread Thoreau's essay on CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE!



Dunno about you, but I'm still pissed as hell at Mr. 'let's water-board cuz it ain't torture' Johnnie Yoo' who is sitting on his prissy keester at Berkley teaching. All it would have taken was Yoo having his personal keester water-boarded once, and me thinks he would have changed his lawyer tune. I proposed that before any lawyer can get into the U.S. law making business (and that includes congress persons), they have to walk a mile in the shoes of those who have the unfortunate business of carrying out their hair-brained wunderkind lunacy. Then and only then when they have had to 'be there and dunn it', then and only then can they put their pipsqueak lawyer fins on a piece of law. Arggg, now I'm sounding like Blackbeard, shivers me timbers. ARghhhh.

Such a bunch of numnutzs, really gets my goat.

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