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23 October 2011


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Is L. Paul Bremer III serious? "The population must believe that the political change is real and lasting." and "Someone has to provide security" Comparing a revolt against an oppressive dictator by the civil population of the country with an invasion by a foreign army, which was followed by the 'enlightened' leadership of the pro-consul himself? Surely he's not expecting the Libyan people to invite him in to rule them. Hopefully someone in Libya will publicly tell him and his kind where to go - publicly.

g. powell

The GOP candidates blasted Obama on the withdrawal, but most rank-and-file conservatives that I know think it is long overdue.

Does Mitt Romney really want to run on a platform in 2012 that says the U.S. should have an open-ended presence in Iraq?


How can it be said that we are leaving Iraq when, reportedly, thousands of taxpayer paid contractors, soldiers of fortune are taking the place of our military?

Just more smoke and mirrors from DC.regardless of which party is technically in power.


William R. Cumming

So where does Iraq fall a decade from now on the laundry list of successful or unsuccessful US military ops?

My guess is towards the very bottom but not sure.

By the way how much equipment are we actually leaving behind and how much Iraqi military capability? How long until they can once more do force projection? Half a decade?

Predicting next time they will be allowed to keep Kuwait!

Katherine Calkin

That's the best one-paragraph summation about the Iraq war ever written. Pat Lang for president.




It is the mouthpiece of the US political elites, if it's true about the Post, then it would also apply to those blessed boys and girls. Who make up our leadership elites.

Surely, that can't be true! Hell, it would almost be guillotine time, if that were true! Would'nt it?


It is marvelous that Freddie Hiatt is so put out at "The Troops" getting invited out of Iraq by the GoI.

There was no more blatant cheerleader for the disasterous Iraq war than Freddie Hiatt and the WaPoo editorial page.

Like a couple members of Herr Goebbels, he oughta face a count of Conspiracy to wage aggressive war.



Do you not realize that the Iraqis and Iranians will exterminate this "presence?" pl


Col: I think you might show some compassion for Senator Graham, the Porthos of the Neo-Con Musketeers, who yelped on Fox Noise this morning about us leaving Iraq "defenseless." You see, Iraq doesn't even have a air force. I think an air-force free Iraq will be good news for Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey.

Moreover, considering how much damage has been done to Iraq, F-16's are practically the only item the country doesn't need.

William R. Cumming

Demonstrating my ignorance of Islam again! What countries in MENA or elsewhere are actually ruled by SHARIA?

Apparently some person in the rebel leadership in Libya announced that Libya would be ruled by SHARIA! Has the rule of SHARIA ever been established by vote or is it always an imposed system?

And is Judiasm a STATE religion in Israel? Imposed by voters if so or by dictat? Or is there a difference between a theocracy and a state religion?

If the Arab Spring ends in destruction of secular governments in MENA and establishment of ISLAM and SHARIA as policies of those nations what should the USA do in reaction to that historic outcome of the ARAB SPRING?

Assuming the above questions can be answered who in the government of the US or elsewhere is studying the policy options or lack thereof presented?

Is it more likely that the US will engage in wars involving human rights or economic systems in the future or some combination thereof?

Can the US effort in Iraq be equated to defense of any particular principle? E.G. NO WMD proliferation, or NO dictatorship? In other words what should the lessons learned be for the US from the Iraqi effort of several decades?



"some person in the rebel leadership in Libya" That does it for you? "Some person in Libya?"

Most of these governments are a mixture pf secular elements and Islamic. Even the most religious of these government acknowledge seculat law in the their fpreign and commercial relations.

I assume that the Israel question is a joke. what the hell do you think they mean when they say "The Jewish State?" pl



In other words, hostages is a more accurate term for these mercenaries.



So the Foreign Service people, the active duty military attache people and the supply coordination people are mercenaries. Businessmen trying to do business in the country are mercenaries. The State Department's contract security guards are mercenaries? You are too stupid to comment here. pl



It is still surprising how many of you are "allergic" to the word "Muslim." Just about any Muslim politician if asked the basis of law will say "sharia." So what? pl


In other words what should the lessons learned be for the US from the Iraqi effort of several decades?

Unnecessary wars are unnecessary.


The Rupublicans grow more and more insane everyday. They don't speak truth to power, but lies to "Homo neandertalensis." They will not credit Obama with killing OBL or more high level al Qeada than W did in 7 years, or spending 2 billion, with no American lives lost, to help the rebels overthrow Kaddafi, yet cheer W for spending a trillion and 4000 Amercan lives to get Saddam. He just sent 100 speciaL OPS To Somolia. What is he listening to you, Col.? And we are leaving Iraq. Yahoo. Obama can follow a rational foreign policy only because he isn't stymied by Republicans. Sure, we need to get out of Afghanistan and not unconditionaly support Israel but at least it's the right direction.

Bruce Bartletts essay "Starving the Beast" helped convince me the Republicans, the new neocon-Carl Rove one, will do anything, including ruin the country and world, to attain office, just for power.

William R. Cumming

Thanks PL! My questions were based on the reality on the ground not labels. So SHARIA is adopted, enforced and effective for all Islamic countries? Doubtful.

And many Israeli friends and supporters argue to me that Israel is not a theocracy. I disagree of course.

The point of the questions is that I have long believed the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution plus treatment of women on the basis of equality and access to education is a great basis for the foreign policy and foreign relations that the USA lacks. Perhaps the US should make sure that its "Friends" all subscribe to the UN Convention on HUMAN Rights.

Not sure all American politicians would sign off on the Bill of Rights today or even the basic Constitution. If Optimax is correct in his analysis and I believe there is much to support his conclusion then perhaps many US politicians are violating their oath of office.

Why not just ask the debaters whether they can explain what the Right to Bear Arms or the Right to Assemble or other rights mean and see them tripping over their ignorance.



"So SHARIA is adopted, enforced and effective for all Islamic countries?"

No. Most of these countries have mixed systems. pl

Babak Makkinejad

If you were truly interested in advancing the cause of improvement of the lot of women among Muslims; you would have supported Islamic Republic of Iran to the hilt.

As is, I sense that you are not so inclined.

Take a look at the book written by Pearl S Buck (1940) on Men and Women in America and tell me if anything has changed for the better in the United States in that regard over the last 70 years.

Babak Makkinejad

Col. Lang:

Yes, I agree with you. Regardless of clear or percieved shortcomings of Sharia, it is a body of law and legal doctrine that has a living presence in Muslim polities.

Even in India, Muslim personal Law obtains among Muslims.

The various Muslim societies, over the last 110 years, have tried to graft Western legal codes to this pre-existing body of law, with different levels of success.

In those states that chose to mindlessly apply Sharia, its limitations have quickly become clear. Addressing those limitations/contradictions, however, is thelabor of decades.

Babak Makkinejad


Why do you care so much about Sharia - an alien body of laws that has no relevance to US?


Col. Lang:

The posts and comments of the last several days remind me why some of us join contemplative orders.



Welcome to the Neo-Corporatist World. The USA is literally going to try hold down the Fort in Bagdad without any troops. I served in the US Army for 2 years and 9 months, and too much of an old Fart, to believe that this will turn out well. It is the next step in the Corporate takeover of State powers from Lexus Lanes, For Profit Prisons, Privatized Utilities to Voucher Education; except, now, Corporate/Insurgent Firefights are a guarantee.


This is nothing new. Ever hear of the East India Company?



sure. they were in "Pirates of the caribbean." The Honorable East India Company. the connection escapes me. pl

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