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13 October 2011


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The Israelis didn't need much resource, just the paid informant and a guy or two in the FBI. Just like their guys in the CIA and State Dept and every where else in our government.

Strange that the FBI has "saved us" in every sting operation they set up but failed to 'save us' in operations that weren't stings like the Fort Hood shooting. Or the shoe bomber whose father called every one in DC trying to warn them before he ever got on the plane.
Odd how it works out isn't it?
Save us from their stings but not save us from non stings. rotflmao


Why would the drug guys in Iran need a inexperienced guy in the US to make contact for them with the Mexican Drug cartel?
I think the major drug businessmen all know how to find each other.

Mike Rush


About the Iranian-Texan at the heart of this one thing stands out to me: his reputation for being a perennial screw-up and loser. Yesterday, on the air, we heard an associate of his recount that the man once left important papers back in Texas as he set off on a road trip. Two hours later this bad guy returns to retrieve them--four hours lost. Some schemer he is. Who runs him is indeed the question here and, as a previous commenter asked, why is Obama so quick to publicly get on board this crazy boat?


I think it is possible that the DEA
informant knew Arbabsiar and initially strung him along for money; and that Arbabsiar wanted to feel important
(Fredo Corleone) and bought into the plot.

The DEA passed the case on to the FBI and DOJ. The DOJ trotted it out now possibly to take heat off of Holder for FastAndFurious.


It certainly IS a topic for serious discussion....but I'll be damned if I can get past the phrase "used car salesman from Texas" without cracking up laughing. You ever see those late night commercials on Texas TV? I keep seeing the SNL skits that will be coming out of this.

Personally, I put it down to Obama playing this to win Florida in the elections.

William R. Cumming

Anna-Marina and perhaps others. Beneath the surface of the public face of the Administration and most of the Executive Branch the dominant reality at the moment is fear. Not fear of this President or his immediate minions including Cabinet Secretaries and agency heads because that administrative tool for management has long since been discarded.
No the underlying fear is generated by budget issues and the reality that to some degree the Executive Branch budget is a so-called zero sum game. What one agency or department gains another loses. Actually may be even worse in that all may lose shortly. So what impact does this have? In each department and agency there are usually a small, very small cadre, that really understands that organizations budget and how it is assembled, approved, and executed. Knowing that reductions are almost guaranteed the rest of the decade those budget cadre have communicated to the most highly skilled administrative operatives in their organization, and this usually excludes the political level, the need for successful bureaucratic activity. And please keep the MSM and other interested persons from learning of these initiatives until they have succeeded and failed. And in addition to the MSM keep all of this effort away from the political appointees, the administration, and other rival organizations wherever they exist.

To sum up this is the most brutal and skilled intra and inter agency infighting because the stakes are high--bureaucratic survival. Like the British coat of arms that has on it one word--ENDURE--the modern executive branch at the lowest rung is all about survival not efficiency or effectiveness.

Thus, unless or until disproved by facts in futuro, I believe this whole incident is totally ginned up and then perhaps ratified by an administration that is desperately hoping that no black on black election is forthcoming among its other fears. No doubt the FBI files on Mr. Cain are growing by leaps and bounds daily. And of course what would be of interest is what the FBI files on the sitting President look like and his wife and others closely related by blood or finances. As far as anyone know the President held no formal clearances before the Senate time and thus had little or no access to the National Security State's inner workings. Perhaps that is why Brennan is all powerful at the moment as the key translator of that state to the President. His recent speech at Harvard Law School on drone attacks was incredible and for nothing else as a basis that he was the messenger!
Bottom line is bureaucratic infighting is becoming intense and likely to surface through the next months. I notice that General Petraeus has been smart enough to keep out of the limelight on this one. As has Pannetta.


In what respect?
And, I'm old and live in a rural area;so I'm used to being late to the dance.


The President was judge and jury at his press conference -I thought that was frowned upon (Nixon/Manson). This guy is an American citizen, right?

Who needs trials? He was talking about this as casus belli.


Almost a million folks with top secret clearances. No wonder nothing's secret - not only are too many things classified that don't need to be but too many people have access to stuff they don't need access too.



Before 9/11 you would have been correct, more or less, but in the frenzy of fear that followed all that was changed. The FBI was grown into a CT ops and analytic organization that is now mainly that. When combined with the ATF, DEA and Secret Service this amounts to a massive police power in the hands of the federal government. pl

William R. Cumming

jr786! And who needs Congress. Lacking the skills to operate with a Republican majority in the HOUSE the Administration will do as little as possible to negotiate with Congress over the next year. Hey he did not Congress for Libya so why for Iran?

Unilateralism is the key doctrine for the Obama Administration.

William R. Cumming

Sorry Greywolf! Wrong again. The FBI Reorganization announced in May 2002 by Bob Mueller has totally failed. Largely failed at INTEL, CT, and other assigned missions like Computer Security. And on top of that his entire term now extended by two years with Congressional approval has failed to produce quality IT systems despite huge outlays.

William R. Cumming

Correction! Greywolf concluded that the FBI was filled with gumshoes! Yes they still investigate.

But PL the FBI is almost at an all-time low in any competence for their assigned missions.

Believe heading the FBI with a lawyer is part of the problem.

Disclosure: Once member of VA Bar for 34 years.

The beaver

Just my $0.02
Many theories on why "now"?

1. Remember the Palestinians' request of last month at the UNSC and Bibi's speech at the same venue. Bibi didn't waste time on that request (heck the boys and girls on the Hill- at least 20% of them-and AIPAC) will fight that battle on his behalf BUT came on to admonish Iran as usual. On the one hand, the administration is playing in the hands of the neoZions and the democratzions and what a better plot to appease the electorate from the NYC & the eastcoast and Hollywood, Orange county and the followers of Feinstein and the Chicago crowd. On the other hand, Obama needs to rally the world against Iran and it does not seem to be working at the UN General Assembly.

2. As far as KSA is concerned, Faisal Al-Turki does NOT have any official govt. post and YET he is the one talking about making Iran pay for this alledged conspiracy to kill. Remember Al-Jubeir used to work for him when he was in the Ambassador position on Virginia Avenue and now Al-Jubeir is his replacement. At one point, the current King stopped listening to him, and that's why he resigned from his post as Ambassador. Al-Turki is vying for the position of FM in the Royal court and the playboy Bandar who was Ambassador for 22 yrs in DC is back in Riyadh after some time in Morocco. It looks like the half-brothers and their heirs are at each other's throat jockeying for positions. Remember it was Al-Turki who wrote that OP about Palestine last month in the NYT. The same Al-Turki who was very close to UBL at one point in time.

Who has more connections in the US to participate or even fund such a ploy, even if such ploy is just to deceive the electorate and the world wrt what is happening in Bahrain, eastern part of KSA and parts of Yemen. After all Iran is and has been the punching bag!


Off topic, Col., but have you seen this:



I find it interesting how many people leave out the Saudis. With the US becoming less involved in Iraq (I don't think it's quite accurate to say "leaving"), we are ceding a large amount of the playing field there to Iran. They are already strong there. With the House of Saud already nervous about Iranian activities on the peninsula, I think they have an incentive to legitimize some kind of action that would at the very least give Iran somthing more to worry about. Iran would then have fewer resources to devote to the Sunni-Shia struggle.

The way I see it, the Saudis probably knew who this loose cannon Iranian was and then flagged him for the US, who then predictably, willingly, embroiled him in a trap.

There would have had to be some Saudi-Israeli-US contact working out the basic outlines of a plan to strike Iran, but given that it was clear to all and sundry this past spring that Israel intended to hit Iran soon, there was certainly plenty of lead time.



you have a rich and hopefully satisfying fantasy life. It sounds like you might be a bit pro-Israeli. ok


Very clear. In short, the secret service apparatus would do anything to justify its existence and the need for a lot of money and power. This situation does not fit the idea of protection of patria. The demoralizing effect of the fraud (actually treason) on the honorable and brightest should be horrific.

Kieran Wanduragala

It is remarkable both how much dissent there is on this matter from knowledgeable people, and how thoroughly, almost systematically, that has been steamrollered out of the mass media.


Larry Kart

That pretty well sums it up. Naive? I don't think so. somebody should explain this MEK thing to me. i haven't been paying attention to them. pl

Larry Kart

What do we make of the recent flurry of ads and op-ed pieces (e.g. Louis Freeh's in yesterday's NY Times) on behalf of MEK not being labeled a terrorist organization? If this current kerfuffle is a wag the dog affair mounted by some entity or group within the administration, I would guess that such a incredibly risky act would be undertaken by its perpetrators only in an attempt to forestall some perceived likely threat that would (in their view) dwarf it by comparison if it were to come to pass. Real world/fiat accompli acts on the part of MEK, supported by its tight-knit corps of American backers, might fill that bill. I know, I lead a rich fantasy life.



Yes, remarkable on both counts. Only the 'company men" from the fraternity accept this bull. pl



"The demoralizing effect of the fraud (actually treason) on the honorable and brightest should be horrific."

We will see. pl

Russ Wagenfeld

Hi Pat,
I recently watched the Frontline 10 year anniversary special on the Anthrax letters. The FBI role in the investigation was a main focus of the special. I did not come away from the program with much confidence in the Bureau's integrity or competence. Considering what they stooped to in that investigation, not too much about their role in the "current kerfuffle" would surprise me. Being relatively close to Boston I am able to keep up with the Whitey Bolger case. The FBI didn't cover themselves in glory on that one either. Bolger seems to have played the FBI like a fiddle....



Didn't the State Dept. recently remove MEK from their terrorist org listings? That was due to incessant pressure from the pro-Israel lobby types a-IPAC and pro-MEK working on the Members of Congress. Congress in the recent past held hearing trying to get the MEK removed, and those in favor that testified, those to testified on the MEK's behalf were ex-NYC Mayor Giuliani, former AG Mukasey, former Bush wonk Fran Townsend, former DHS Sec. Tom Ridge if I'm not mistaken.

As far as the MEK thing, the MEK is still a terrorist org, the only difference is that they are D.C./Tel Aviv's terrorist org they're using on their behalf for their objectives regarding Iran. Given the chance, the MEK would slit our U.S. throat the same way they want to slit the current occupiers of Tehran.

IMO there are better ways to accomplish an objective instead of going to bed with the Devil (reference to the arm-n-arm approach with the terrorist MEK).

One has to wonder just how much that Mukasey/Giuliani/Ridge/Townsend were all paid to stooge for the MEK, and who footed their bill?

In any other venue beside politics and the political arena, 'influence peddling' and those who receive for their 'influence' is considered a crime punishable by jail time.

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