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13 October 2011


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different clue

FB Ali,

The fact that the plot seems to have been designed to be exposed supports the theory that it was intended to be taken seriously and thereby inspire some serious counter-Iranian action. But the fact that the plot was designed so ridiculously makes me wonder why it was designed so ridiculously. It almost looks to me as if it was designed to be ridiculed as a fake "fake". Did the plot fabricators really think that our high officials would think this was a real plot which thank God got exposed in time? Do the plot fabricators really think our high officials are themselves that crazy-beyond-merely-stupid? Is this plot a grand political-psychology experiment designed to see just what some people in authority and among the public will believe?

FB Ali

You forget that the other part of the plot was the "intelligence" fed to the US government. This is what caused the administration (either willingly or stupidly) to ignore the ridiculousness and take the whole thing so seriously -- as a basis for further action. We shall soon find out what that action is going to be. If nothing is done beyond tough talk, it will mean they have realized they have been idiots.


From memory, the U.S.contribution to the IMF is only about 12% of the total,so it doesn't get to dictate. The IMF is has a lot of members and contributors....and it charges interest.


The latest FBI opera buffa has many comic elements whose dissection I leave to those better versed in the actual world of intelligence. On the money transfer part of the story line, However, I have had a recent experience that may place it in some perspective.

Early in the summer, I did some writing for Al Arabiya's new English language electronic site. Pretty standard stuff for a 'paper' very well edited by a Hindu Indian with long experience in the US. Anyway, I was owed the munificent sum of $1,225 for my contributions. I send the necessary banking information to Dubai where the parent company, MBC owned by Saudis and backed by the Riyadh government, has its offices. A few weeks later, I was contacted by my bank in Austin - a small local bank. They had received a query from the U.S. Treasury Department as to the source of the (now suspended) funds and the basis for the payment. I provided detailed info as to my articles including titles and dates. Ten days later, a follow-up query from the defenders of America in Washington: what was Al Arabiya and what did it do?. With some irritation, I explained who they were, what sort of material they published, and the Saudi connection. i also gave them its www. address But that, too, did not suffice. Next they inquired as to the persons involved and their backgrounds. At this point, I thought of contacting the Colonel and other certified patriots of my acquaintance to vouch for me and to explain that Al Arabiya was not a Quds front. But instead, I elaborated as to MBC's ownership, the person of the honcho, a Mr. Rashed with long, highly visible and highly respected presence as a businessman in Washington and London, and added a few words about Saudi Arabia's less than cordial relations with the mullahs in the other Middle eastern country.. I fully expected that there would be a fourth request demanding a notorized statement avowing that i never had composed any of my articles while eating boycotted pistachios from Iran or while sitting on an undocumented Persian rug. Miracle of miracles - the money was released only 6 weeks after the affair had begun.

Moral: if you wish to have a smooth transfer of funds from anywhere in the Gulf, arrange to have the FBI and Treasury Department grease the skids.

Roy G.

That is an amazing story that well illustrates how screwed up our current government is - I wonder how much of our money was wasted on this endeavor, and other simpletonian efforts to 'fight the war on terror.'

On the plus side, at least you weren't approached by an FBI sting operation - although that would have provided more fodder for your acerbic wit!

different clue

FB Ali,

You are right, I forgot about that other part.
I wouldn't "need" a public apology from the government for ever having believed it as long as they quietly let this story just kind of die.

Jeez! Maybe I should get a lobotomy. Then I could run for President. (I understand if that little outburst makes this comment unworthy of getting printed).

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