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29 October 2011


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William R. Cumming

Disclosure of who Presidents and Presidential candidates are advised by and who they listen to is of great importance to the future of our democracy (Republic)!

I just finished a short book by Dr. Bernard Lewis published just after 9/11/01 but not incorporating that event although he evidences clearly knowledge of its occurrence.
The book is captioned "WHAT WENT WRONG--Western Impact and Middle East Response"! I assume his facts are correct but perhaps not all of his analysis. But his facts are quite amazing and would seem to support his conclusions.

Suggest those that have not read it do so!


I have to wonder how these people manage to hustle their academic positions. And then too, why people picked him out as an expert.

Did they really think he's an expert, or is his value that he's a real expert at saying what they want people to hear, being believable and nonthreatening, and lucky at not getting caught?

Glad that he got a little unlucky at last, with this article in Mother Jones.

It was interesting the number of people who would not allow their names to be used. I also wonder how many other people their are like him, partisan refugees here in America that work to manipulate us.

Roy G.

Thanks for the backgrounder - sorry to see so few comments, but I blame the Overton Window, and the general cynicism and ennui that now greets such revelations. Phares is obviously being employed for his facility in the old 'Muslims are attacking Christians in Lebanon' gambit.

Seems he has found a more comfy nest in the US, where he doesn't have to deal with the repercussions of his past - such a patriot that he whored himself out to the Israelis and begged them to invade Lebanon. No wonder he won't set foot there!

Good times for old Mitt - although I don't give the man much credit, I think this choice has everything to do with his myopic attempts to curry favor with the Right, and he doesn't really have a clue what he's gotten himself into with Phares.



The 'stuff' never seems to end. Take a look at Gaffney's latest:

The enemy is inside the wire: Shariah front groups now oversee fed's counterextremism training

By Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

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