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27 October 2011


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This is also available on BBC iPlayer:




Pat, here is the 1st of 6 parts of the BBC piece.

Those in the UK or perhaps just outside of the US may try this link form the Beeb's offical site:


The beaver

Secret Pakistan is on BBC Two on Wed 26 Oct and Wed 2 Nov at 21:00 (UK time)- Duration 60 mins each

In NA, we can't get the iplayer version but we can get all 6 parts from the first episode " Double Cross" here:


Paul Deavereaux

Secret Pakistan is available on Usenet.. alt.binaries.multimedia, a 600mb download.

Paul Escobar

Mr. Lang (& anyone else with expertise),

This is off-topic, but I know this site is authored & visited by men of the outdoors...

I was just reading this article:
"Everyone's been calling it our Valley Forge moment," said Michael McCarthy, a former Navy medic in Providence. "Everybody thought that George Washington couldn't possibly survive in the Northeast."

The article points out that people won't have much leeway in terms of heating contraptions & tents. So they'll have to survive in clothing layers & sleeping bags.

This isn't a political question, I'm just ignorant...
During northeast winters (sans heating & makeshift shelters), can people actually survive outdoors with nothing but heavy layers & sleeping-bags? (assuming food isn't an issue)


Excellent documentary, no new revelations. Pakistan is acting in what it perceives to be its own self interest. It cannot afford to have an increase in Indian influence in Afghanistan, so it continues to play "The Great Game", which has been going on in that area since at least as early as 1839.

One hopes we have better results that Lord Auckland.



The way for Pakistan to have more influence in Afghanistan than India is for Afghans to like Pakistanis more, not by foisting Taliban and other jihadis.


I wouldn't chalk the lack of access to all iPlayer content to a political conspiracy. It's a simple matter of IP rights. The BBC has to squeeze every dime - or ten-pence - out of their programs since they've been seeing massive budget cuts.


Amazing that the Pakistanis have been milking the US for money and also attacking them non stop. How silly is the US?

2704 coalition dead in Afghanistan so far, including 1746 Americans.

The beaver

No one has said it is a political conspiracy - we understand that BBC will show it on BBC America or BBC Canada in the near future. It is the same about sports events or international events like the Olympics or World Cup for that matter.


Yes by wearing polypropolene underwear, polar fleece and other forms of synthetic clothes.

Eventually they should adopt a contigent presence with people rotating through to stand watch while others recuperate. Once they get over the hobgoblin of leadership.


As a Pakistani, I have to agree with you Arun. If Pakistan's policies are for the betterment of Afghans, then we will all benefit


This Turkish op-ed asks Pakistan to stop relying on its nuisance value.

The beaver

Second episode " Backlash shown last night on BBC

Please go down to post #8 for the 6 part video for that second episode

The beaver

Sorry error in copy and paste:


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