04 October 2011


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I hope he's there to discourage them from an attack on Iran, but I'm afraid it's more likely that he's there to agree to it.


"What is Panetta REALLY doing on this trip? pl"



An excellent paper by Ray McGovern on mousetrapping of the US by Israeli egomaniacs: http://consortiumnews.com/2011/10/03/israels-window-to-bomb-iran/



If I could tell you more, I would do so... pl

The beaver



Robert C.

Maybe a PR stunt. Obama has kow-towed to AIPAC and Netanyahu for money and votes. Maybe he's throwing a bone to his left-leaning base (what remains of it). "Hey, look at me, I can get tough with Israel". Blah, blah, blah. Nothing will change.


William R. Cumming

President Obama has placed himself in an awkward position with the domestic Jewish vote leading up to the 2012 elections. My guess is Panetta is there to try and dampened Israeli enthusiasm for poking their "proverbial" finger in the President's eye between now and 2012 elections. It is looking more and more like a narrow win at best in November 2012 depending entirely on turn out in key electoral states. Florida is one of the most critical. This election year is going to be sliced and diced but a war is not helpful to Obama now or ever.
And it does now appear that the EU and Eurozone troubles, the PUTIN reaccession to the top of the power elite in Russia [if he ever left?], revolution and reform in MENA and other difficulties including war in Asia might well mean that the norm of a White House trying to minimize disturbances so that the incumbent can argue he/she was the cause will be the major effort. And if true that Rhab Emmaunel would have been fired [that might have been a good thing] instead of quitting would have clearly stamped the first two years a failure that needed a new start. Whatever one believes about Rob Susskind's new book Obama's first two years were a disaster for him and the country. The administration now clings to the cliff by the finger nails hoping that SCOTUS will somehow make a success of the OBAMACARE legislation. Doubtful to me but time will tell.

John Kirkman

Would it be too naive of me to consider the Panetta might be telling the Israelis that we are not going to war to protect Israel?
And if we do go to war to protect the Israelis, what will be the reaction of the U. S. public? Would this be the war too far?
Such a war would most likely turn over the mineral riches of the Middle East, and possibly Africa, to China, and spell the end of our serious influence in world affairs.
Remember how Congress celebrated when Obama kissed Netanyahu’s ass? Or Obama’s speech to the UN just in case anyone missed that first episode, or thought Obama had any sense of honor left?
As one who not only voted for Obama but spent considerable money to support his election effort, I did not miss a lick of his, and therefore, my failure at a most important juncture of History.
We have fools and cowards in charge of our country, and we cannot be certain of a kind word from History. The soldiers will fight as told to do so, but I well recall that fountain on Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki close to Fort DeRussy where the G.I’s on R & R used to toss in the dye marker packets from their Mae West. They were going back to VN, but were not happy at the prospect. The Moving Wall just recently came to Santa Barbara, and that long line of KIA’s remind one that we will not survive another stupidity like that, regardless of the party in charge.
Panetta is a politician, and we have much to fear.



If I was Panetta, I'd demand that Israel return our U.S. supplied/U.S. paid-for bunker-busters back to U.S. control. Israel has proven it cannot handle 'adult toys' in a sane or rational manner, ergo time to pull Israel's swizzle sticks.

When are we the U.S. going to quit wiping Israel's dirty rear and re-diapering it at every turn, when?


trying to get Israel to use its 'influence' with Congress so Congress will not march us, the US, in lock step with Israel, right over that cliff?



The only way Iran may be able to stem an Israeli surprise attack, would be with the assistance of both Russian and Chinese Intel and Military apparatuses.

If all of a sudden Russia and China announced to the world (with Israel and D.C. as the main recipients of the announcements) and with stern warnings attached that they had positioned both Russian and Chinese Intel/Military personnel and equipment in Iran, and to attack Iran would be construed to be an attack on Russia and China, that would cause the Israeli idiots to dirty their Israeli diapers and think twice about their intended stupidity.

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

I'm starting to think of 21 Sep 11 as "The Capitulation" as that was the day that Netanyahu talked to Obama w/ an unusually condescending smirk about a "badge of honor" following Obama's speech that threw the Palestinians under the bus.

In an article on reducing foreign aid today, NYT is reporting, "one of the largest portions of foreign aid — more than $3 billion for Israel — is left untouched in both the House and Senate versions, showing that, even in times of austerity, some spending is inviolable."

Perhaps the SECDEF will be dubbed a "Defender of Jerusalem" a la the Texas governor.

Farmer Don

My guess is that he is there to tell it like it is.
Obama has no love for Netanyahu but he has to worry about an election.
Panetta is visiting Middle East countries and is stating the obvious that Obama understands but can't say himself.

The beaver

Found on Jim Lobe's blog:

So Pres Obama did what Pres Bush refused to do wrt bunker buster bombs. That's why Bibi is behaving like a real s-b!!!


What is Panetta really doing?

The diplomatic equivalent to telling them their fly is undone?






Our financial situation is such that our support may no longer be automatically available?

Israel might like to exert it's good offices in the cause of international financial stability? After all, AIPAC has deep connections to Wall Street.

All of the above?

Norbert M Salamon

Methinks the Administration has a choice:

1., Save the USA and tell Israel that attacking Iran is a no-no, which will be enforced by USA planes; or

2., Opt to please AIPAC etc, and as a consequence take a chance that the oil flow will not be disturbed form the Gulf. I would not want to take a bet that there be Gulf opil on the market for many months if not years under this scenario. Of course, if my assessment is correct the USA and world economy takes a dive which would compare to the Great Depression as that event was cake walk.


Why would Russia or China involve themselves so directly? I think either one would prefer the catbirds seat of picking up the pieces post attack.


Given Obama's total surrender to Israel, are we sure that Panetta went there voluntarily? Might he have been summoned?

Phil Giraldi

Panetta is no doubt telling Bibi that an attack on Iran will be in no one's interest, which is absolutely true, but it will be a toothless bit of advice and Netanyahu, who knows he has the whip hand, might or might not pay attention. He will also be assuring Bibi that Israel will get all it wants and more from the second term Obama Administration as long as it does not try to interfere with the reelection process. Even if it does interfere, Panetta knows he can do nothing to rein Israel in. In short, there is absolutely nothing good for us Americans that will come out of the cajoling and wheedling process.

Norbert M Salamon

there are Russian Technicians at Bushner plant as per contract for the next 3 years to train the Iranians and ensure the safe operation til then[ see wicki...

Mark Logan

Might be he's on a mission to rescue an Israeli spy from the new Egyptian government.


"TEL AVIV — Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta said Monday that U.S. officials have been trying to broker the release of an alleged Israeli spy held by Egypt, and he raised hopes that he could win the prisoner’s release during a visit to Cairo this week."


Why do we care if Egypt holds an accused Israeli spy?

This is getting really embarrassing. Next story: The SecDef pressures Egyptians to pay overdue library fines incurred by Egyptian embassy employees in Tel Aviv.


Oil embargo,oil embargo,oil embargo.
Now is the time.
A big enough crisis will clean out the bullshit.
Short term pain, long term gain.

Mark Logan

I think the command was probably..."Fetch!"

We are in a strange phase where the only thing the two major parties appear to be in agreement on is there be no daylight between Israel's wishes and ours. I chalk a lot of it up to post 9/11 fear mongering myself. I hope it passes before too much damage is done.


I chalk it up to donor politics. The economic crisis has contracted the donor base, thereby, increasing the power of the Israel Lobby. As Buffett likes to say, "Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful." Each economic contraction makes the rich richer. It also makes single-issue lobby groups more powerful.

It's simple math. When the economy tanks, the Haves have the money to hold on. And their donations have a bigger impact. "I love Israel" = "Please donate to me now."

It's easier for the MSM to blame Christian Zionists for Israel's out-sized influence in our politics. Frankly, who believes that. Who ever lost their job for saying John Hagee was too powerful?

BTW, how many WH visits has Hagee had since 2009? Does the President hold conference calls with Hagee and Richard Land? You know the answer.

I rest my case.

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