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09 October 2011


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Good little story....It took me right back, to the hold short line. Miss those days, and Uncle's reuseable rockets to play with. I didn't appreciate it enough. I quess youth hardly ever does.

Keep writing, you are good!


There's no particular disgrace involved in getting old, but it sure blocks one out of some fun activities. I do miss that Berlin wall.

The Twisted Genius

Terrific story. I wonder if this kamikaze airman had this duty for 25 missions or so, or if this was part of his normal duties for the duration of his tour at Alconbury. This airman reminds me of a driver in my weapons platoon in the late 70s. I was riding in the gunner's seat of an M-151 TOW jeep during an exercise in the Kahuku Training Area of Hawaii. It was a rainy night and SP4 Cuevas began driving the jeep down a long steep hill under blackout conditions. Suddenly we began sliding sideways down the now greasy dirt path. I figured we we were about to die at the bottom of a jungle ravine or, if lucky, manage to end up clinging to a Eucalyptus tree at the edge of a cliff. Cuevas just turned to face me and started laughing like a crazy man. No panic. No fear. It appeared that he was determined to prove that he had bigger balls than death itself. We lived through that night, but, to this day, I cannot remember how we did it. I just remember Cuevas boldly calling death's bluff in the rainy darkness.

I thought I commented on this a few days ago at The Atheneum, but I must have wandered off before posting it. I tend to do that more often as I get older.

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