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11 October 2011


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William R. Cumming

Seems PL hit the nail on the head, again!


Will COIN be allowed to die when there is so much money to be made from it?


I'm so sad that I am almost lacking words to express my dismay. I think we have finally done it to ourselves. We've dropped into an economic pit and shown we have no clue in intelligently managing our international affairs. I'm very pessimistic as to America's future under these conditions. Our once vaunted party politics are showing their glaring shortcomings under these distressing economic conditions where we all really need to pull together.



You might find this one 'interesting' to say the least.

Aftershock strikes FEMA hearing on denial of Louisa quake aid

One has to take three steps back and ask oneself, why do we even have FEMA if they're not going to work for U.S., right? Is FEMA becoming like the Congress and White House, they take our money and then use our money against U.S. to bilk U.S. out of even more of our money with zero return on our initial investment? And imagine, we give the Congress and White House a hefty retirement package for their doing nothing for U.S..

FEMA, Congress, White House, I don't really see any marked difference among them, do you? They take our money and run, and leave U.S. holding the bag.

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