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10 October 2011


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Way off topic, but FYI: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65531.html

Babak Makkinejad

This is not unexpected; the depth of bigotism and prejudice in almost incocievable ...


Birth pangs of the new Middle East, how long before the peace treaty with Israel collapses? Bahrain is also looking good...

William R. Cumming

Coptic Christian about 10% of Egyptian population? The Coptics ruled Egypt for a while early in the last century?



Never, in any century, since the Muslim conmquest in the 8th Century AD. pl


E L,

Interesting how Huntsman is sooo willing to throw other people's children under the war bus. Huntsman appears to be little more than just one more 'empty suit keyboard player in a rock band'. Take a look:

The beaver

Long shot : Conspiracy theory
Who believes that the church fire could be the work of a good arsonist from Israel, enough to create the religion divide between the Coptic followers and the fundies or MB after the push of Mubarak?
And the junta is too obsessed with power to realise that ...


The beaver,

History regarding Israel stirring up internal angst & strife in surrounding nations, has a long and solid track record of Israeli nefariousness.


Yes, the Lavon affair is one such false flag operation that comes to mind. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lavon_affair


Could it just be that as Monk Hedra said: "No one thought of verifying the information from us.” and everyone went on giving in to their fears and manipulation ?!

Egyptian priest says Coptic church was not attacked, admits to building violations


Col. sir,

"Everything will be better now."

Fer real?

Am I wrong to say that the arab Christians are the ones who drive & sustain the economies of the various states in the mid-east?

& if they were to be driven away on a mass exodus to,say the U.S., who gets to gain from it all?

Will we see a repeat of what the Ölauge did to the Ararat way back when?


Guess these abba-dabbas are that steadfast in their distaste of other folk who are different from them in the matters of spiritual belief, conspiracies & manipulated fears aside.

Things will probably get WORSE before they get any better IMO.


"arab Christians are the ones who drive & sustain the economies of the various states in the mid-east?"

There is no evidence to support this opinion.

It is precisely this type of perception, and in my opinion and experience that's what they are, that raises the level of hatred among local Arabs for their brethren of a different religion in the Middle East and North Africa.

I'v been living for over a year in Dubai and it is not uncommon to run into some Lebanese Christian or Egyptian Copt that will easily open up to a foreigner like me to express his disdain and contempt for Arab Muslims, portraying them as uneducated savages, dirty and uncivilized.

Don't be mistaken, the local Emiratis to whom I've spoken are fully aware of those sentiments. They seem to realize that for now those educated Christians contribute to the economy of the land and serve a purpose. As long as their attitude and disdain does not create any major disruption in the social and political fabric of the society, they can live with it.

It reminds me of the Jews of Algiers that started to differentiate and disassociate from their Arab Muslim countrymen once colonial France gave them and them only, the full status of citizenship under the Cremieux Edict.

And I'm not sure that as you suggest conspiracies and manipulated fears ought to be set aside; not in this case, not in any case in the ME where religion or culture is involved.

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