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05 October 2011


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Well, I saw this too. It was claustrophobic and crazy, and rather nausea-inducing as a micro-view of the madness of Israel's 1982 Lebanon invasion. I can't say that I enjoyed it as a "war movie": "Das Boot" in a tank it's not, but at least called into question the whole adventure.

Not that it will change anything over there, with Bibi at the helm.

It was also overwhelmingly "ethnic," as you note. Definitely a "foreign war," and then some. As a goy American, I felt like a ton of overripe gefilte fish was being rammed down my throat. Please, let me escape to one of the classic Jewish deli's in New York to nosh on a corned beef on rye, or more palatable fare like a toasted everything bagel with a light schmear of cream cheese.

William R. Cumming

Thanks ALAN! Is it available on DVD?

Medicine Man

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review, Mr. Farrell, and welcome back to SST.

The Twisted Genius

Excellent review. I caught this movie on one of the MHz Networks channels. (I'm too cheap to pay for cable or satellite and the sons of bitches at Verizon still haven't pushed their fiber out my way.) The internal shots of "Rhino" seemed more like the interior of an LVTP-7 rather than a Merkava... especially with the bilge water sloshing around inside. I've only spent time inside old Soviet tanks and they are nowhere near as spacious as Rhino. The Merkava does have a huge crew compartment in the rear of the hull so that could be what it is. I was struck by the one way conversation of the Phalangist and the Syrian so well characterized by Alan Farrell. I saw what the Phalangists and the Druze did to each other in the Chouf Mountains in 83. As Redhand said, it's no Das Boot, but I enjoyed it.


Didn't like it. I found the periscope, gun sight and vision slit views phony.

I gave up on the film when the gun sight focused on an Arab (in prince robes and headdress, if I remember correctly but I could be wrong) holding a screaming Lebanese woman at knifepoint. Gimme a break.

And again, my memory might not be too good, but wasn't this a single tank providing infantry support? Who splits off a lone tank for such? Or was it a runner operation of some sort, I forget. If that's how the IDF handled their AFVs during the 33-Day war, no wonder they lost. (Joking)

The animated combat scenes in Waltz with Bashir were superior.


I liked the all-out creepiness of "Beaufort," this being the tale of the last IDF soldiers in the Beaufort Castle. Nonetheless, on the strength of this fine review i will subject myself to the claustrophobia and sloshing bilges of the Merkava, LVTP-7, or whatever.

Actually I was captured by the remembrance of Esther and her gleaming roes.

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