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18 October 2011


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Norbert M Salamon

if supplies were not tight, then Lousiana light would not be $100+ nor Brent Crude $100+, that the WTI is at $85 or so is due to the fact that the Canadian Supplies ovewhelm the Cusahing storage - this would change if the new Keystone??? pipeline would be built; as the Midwestern Refineries can push price down -- though it seems from Gas prices that they are getting larger refinery cut than usual.

Suadis has added approx 700 000, Lybia lost approx 1.3 M, Yemen lost approx 200 000 [plus gas], Syria might be sanctioned for 200 000+, US production up slightly, imports down 1-1.5 M per day since the beginning of the year. The oly NET EXPORTER whose national comsumption does not seem to grow is Russia, while almost all other EXPORTERS are using more of static World productoion of oil [not counting Gas Liquids, nor bio oil products].

With due respet, Sir, checking the International Energy Agency for the OECD, would clearly indicate that the above figures are correct, you need not go to THEOILDRUM.Com for verification.



I should amend my earlier statement to say that Alan, TTG, John Minnerath and others here were suckled by this glorious bitch. pl


I'm am not surprised at funny business but disputing a primary election registration signatures is a pretty straight forward process with clear deadlines. Three years after the fact is just a distraction.


William R Cummings wrote:

"My guess is that the most talented and educated in Iran like Russia would like to depart the country permanently"

Your guess would be wrong, and getting wronger by the minute. Iran is not the backward nation protrayed by US media, pundits, & politicians, it's quite sophisticated, and very committed to ITS way of life and cultural values, which are far different from US values: family is core in Iran; consumerism is NOT the end-all and be-all of life; literacy & literature form the superstructure of the Iranian psyche.

my 2 cents on What should US do about Iran? VISIT, cultural exchange, establish trade & commerce -- Iran has 70 million dynamic citizens -- and they need airplanes!

A group of fellow Iranophiles is scheduled to depart for Iran next week. I had hoped to be among the travelers, as this tour is going to places I did not visit on my first trip. Alas, the series of tensions betw US and Iran makes a visit at this time an imprudent move (example: internal flights are on Iran Air; US says Americans who travel on IranAir will be denied reentry to US!)
In the past, Iranians have been more than welcoming and generous and friendly toward Americans. Now, I can't imagine why any Iranian would give an American the time of day. That's a darn shame.

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