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18 October 2011


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Colonel, Phil,

The whole 'beginning' and 'wording' of the National Journal article by Ms. Sara Sorcher screams 'pro-Israel propaganda'. Just look at wording of her opening title -- What Should the Administration Do to Pressure Iran? --. Xcuze me, why should there be a 'what should' or 'do' or 'to pressure' in the first place? Are we Israel's socket-puppet? Aw, I forgot, D.C. is on Tel Aviv's puppet strings, our Iraq unnecessary war was all about 'Israel security', of course our 'next' 'very unnecessary' war with Iran will be not about what is best for U.S., but once again will be all about 'Israel security'. What is also interesting is how Ms. Sorcher plays the 'Iran's nuclear program' word-game, choosing to ignore the salient items of 'civilian power production' and 'medical needs' that has been documented over and over again by the IAEA and other independents as 'what' Iran's nuclear stuff is all about.

Why does the National Journal let Ms. Sorcher serve Israeli Koolaid?

The Twisted Genius

Someone should replay H.G. Wells' broadcast of "War of the Worlds." It would inevitably be seen as proof of a Quds force attack on our homeland requiring an all out attack on Iran... as long as it doesn't require a tax hike.

Perhaps the Three Stooges shot I used a few days ago would be appropriate for this post. They look like they're drinking koolaid.




not necessarily related to present situation, but it at least can be classified under Koolaid --tho of a different flavor.

Fox news story: Yale student for some reason decides to look at the 2008 primaries.

As many as 150 of the names and signatures, it is alleged, were faked. So many, in fact, that the numbers raise questions about whether Obama’s campaign had enough legitimate signatures to qualify for a spot on the ballot.


William R. Cumming

Iran won't fade from the international scene. Too skilled a population, with perhaps too much history, and with historic geographic location and assets. But it is not a threat to the USA and so the question remains simply when some nation-state or other entity does not directly threaten the USA what should USA foreign policy and foreign relations with that entity be? I argue for assistance to those more directly threatened. Not for USA to take the lead. FEW in the key positions in USA government speak FARSI or Court Persian. Thus, Iran remains an Asian mystery to USA. Or perhaps a mystery wrapped in an enigma! My guess is that the most talented and educated in Iran like Russia would like to depart the country permanently.


Indeed. "What Should the Administration Do to Pressure Iran?" has the premise that it is self-evident that pressure has to be applied on Iran - as if their culpability was clearly established.

It is not, and thus question posed is mischievous at best.


J asked above:

"Are we Israel's socket-puppet?"


This answer has brought to you by Correct Answers To Simple Questions SA. A fictitious tax dodging shell corporation incorporated in Luxembourg ..... (Sorry J like another famous Irishman I can "resist everything except temptation"). The correct answer to your question as I see it is:

Sadly yes, America is Israel's sock puppet, and that status will not change without considerable effort. It will, I fear, cost America and Americans dear. And for what? It's a racist settler state that's living on stolen time just like their buddies in Rhodesia and Apartheid Era South Africa were living on stolen time. I pray your country can disengage itself from the Zionist state and not only for your sake.




I suppose that is a rhetorical question. pl


Colonel, TTG,

Sadly with regret, I noticed two of National Journal's 'contributors' drinking (or are they guzzling) Ms. Sorcher's Pro-Israeli Propaganda Koolaid, I'm referring to Carafano and Farnsworth. I'm very disappointed that Carafano would be so taken in by the Koolaid, but where he currently works speaks volumes to me in that regard -- The Heritage Foundation. As for Mr. Farnsworth, alas he (in my view) drinks the Koolaid because he doesn't know any better.

Why-O-Why has common-horse sense gone out the window these dayz? Why does D.C. expect America's Sons-N-Daughters to sacrifice themselves over a foreign postage stamp (Israel) and its 'Freudian insecurity'? Thanks to that pipsqueak, American sons and daughters are without their fathers and mothers, all because D.C. idiots drank Israeli Koolaid the first go around. Now they are back at the trash-can punch bowl (not referring to college trash-can punch either) for more?

If our D.C. idiots are so bent on the Koolaid binge, then why don't they go all out and just switch to Ever-Clear, at least they will have something to talk about when the hangover hits them 'again'.

The beaver

Shakuri is MEK?


If Mr. Shakuri were in fact a member of the opposition group, it would be an embarrassing turn for the United States, which announced the suspected plot with some fanfare a week ago in a televised news conference by Attorney General Eric. H. Holder Jr., who said American investigators believed high officials in Iran’s government were responsible.

FWIW: Ray Takeyh was an aide to Dennis Ross !!!!!!!!


The facts are irrelevant. Common sense can be ignored.
Yet there are those who would ask for more than journalese.
What should the administration do in the best interests of OUR country???


J etal

Carafano was a cadet at USMA when
I was a professpr there. He likes to mock me about that... stupid old man, etc. pl


The beaver,

Now I could 'believe' that one.

Who knows better just who and who aren't part of the Marxist MEK than the Iranians.

'Embarrassing for D.C.'? I don't think so, today's D.C.'s brain (singular like 'a' knotted fence post) are a few cells shy of a working cranium, let alone wrapping itself around the idea that they may have been played for fools by the MEK/Mossad crowd. There isn't enough oxygenated blood going to D.C. brain to be flushed, let alone 'embarrassed' about anything.

Our kids and grand kids are paying and going to pay even more for D.C.'s errant Koolaid guzzling. And it's just not right, not right at all!

We as a nation need to be putting a bunch of our D.C.ites in prison cells for their arrogance and stupidity towards our Mom & Pop America. The very same Mom & Pop America that is paying their paychecks and supplying them with their precious sons and daughters for their 'very unnecessary' wars!


The Heritage Foundation and Council For the Americas consistently demonstrate Upton Sinclairs dictum:

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!".

At least they are predictable.


J, read her bio on the NJ and you'll understand her bias. As a journalist I would hope she should be more self-aware.


That's the latest anti-voting drum beat just in time for 2012. Stalin's comments about voting and counting of votes seems appropriate.


What should the US do to pressure Iran?

Nothing. A 'realist' would say the US should have an "ally agreement" with Iran.
Iran is much more valuable as an ally in the ME than Israel or even Saudi. Iran has more influence with those who the US needs influence with in the ME and a more strategic location. The US would have more influence with Iran and therefore in the ME if it came to some mutually agreeable or even tolerable arrangement with Iran.

Richard Steven Hack

Keep in mind that when we say "M.E.K.", it's merely a misspelling of "Mossad"...

The so-called "laptop of death" which contains the ONLY alleged evidence of nuclear weapons research (and that only if broadly interpreted) by Iran was presented to the West by the M.E.K., who declared they got it via a "third party" - which by all analysis was Israel.

In other words, a bunch of forged and irrelevant documents is the sole case the US/EU has against Iran.

So this plot is almost certainly a concoction of Israel implemented by the M.E.K.

But again, the REAL question is: just how stupid is Obama not to know this? Can't he Google? He doesn't read ANYTHING contrary to what his advisers - all hardcore Israeli supporters - tell him?

I don't think so. He's hand in glove with all of this because he's owned and operated by the Crown and Pritzker families in Chicago and they work for the military-industrial complex and Israel. Anyone who thinks Obama is just "duped" or "intimidated" by his advisers is giving him WAY too much credit.


I wondered if it might be a way of pressuring the administration: Nice little history-making achievement you have there, Barry, and it'd be a real shame if anything happened to tarnish it.

Often the answer to "Is this significant?" is "NO!" - it's worth asking, tho.

But he WAS fast-tracked. And there was seemed to be a LOTTA-LOTTA funny business in that primary.

The Moar You Know

Three called the Journal on their bullshit, two called for more Kool-Aid. Amazing that any human being can drink that much and live.

I am sure the Journal was most displeased with your answer.

The Moar You Know

"Anyone who thinks Obama is just "duped" or "intimidated" by his advisers is giving him WAY too much credit."

More like "not nearly enough" credit. This president is far too smart to be duped. He knows who he is working for and who signs his paychecks.



The Moar You Know

I keep waiting for the atlantic Corporaton and the NJ to throw me off their blog. Dr. Brenner and I are consstently doing this to them Instead, they invite me to various little things that I do not attend. The NJ has experienced a real "takeover" if you know what I mean. pl

Norbert M Salamon

I find Mr. White's extra KOOLAID depressing for the world. Appearantly he is unaware how tight the oil supply is in the world. He wants to have 5% of world's oil production sanctioned.

The Qestion arises with whom is he trying to pick a fight? China? India? Japan or the EU - or all of them together - since these importers all depend of IRANI OIL to the extent that they can not afford to loose same -- see the fiancial wrangling of India to pay for the IRani Oil [notwithstandiung beoing a USa LLY???]



What's the basis for your statement that oil supplies are "tight" on a global basis? Don't tell me to go to the "oil drum." pl

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