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09 October 2011


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Farmer Don

Why do these countries trust and use the Western banking system?
It seems we can instruct the banks to withhold their money and then give it to whom we name at any time.
I can see why Chavez is taking physical possession of his gold reserves.


I didn't reckon Romney had much of a chance until I saw the Ziocon advisory board...Eliot Cohen, Feith... audhubill-hi minash, etc.

One more bridge to burn, one more country to bomb. Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States...

Phil Giraldi

Colonel, I have a lot of experience with handguns but not much with rifles relatively speaking, though I am a reasonably good shot with a rifle having rated expert both in the Army and in CIA. I have a brick built house on five acres with a perimeter fence. House is more or less in the middle, two stories, with a full basement. What rifle/shotgun mix do you recommend for home defense?


Phil G.


Failing that a Mossberg 500 pump gun in a stainless steel maritime model so you don't have to worry about maintenance. pl

Russ Wagenfeld

If you live in a rural area where snakes are still common a shotgun is a good is good way of dispatching copperheads or cottonmouths.

The Twisted Genius

SWEET JEEZUS! That KSG is one of the most intimidating looking things I've seen in a while. I think I'll steer well clear of the Giraldi compound.

Russ, I use a solid D-handled spade to dispatch the occasional copperhead. Haven't seen any cottonmouths, thank God.

Medicine Man

Poor snakes...

I second TSG's observation about that Kal-tec shotgun; bloody hell. I'm surprised it weighs under 7 pounds though. It looks rather massive.

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