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17 October 2011


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If the sigint is being processed by a contractor, then it can be tampered with.


collapsed in tears!


you are consorting with Farrell's muse.



we were suckled by the same bitch wolf. DOL. pl



Me thinks that Sen. Feinstein was talking out the side of her face regarding Chihuahua Affair SIGINT. She's trying to play puff-the-magic-dragon to cover her inadequacy as the Chair of the SSCI.



After the car salesman (Arbabsiar) was arrested, the FBI had him call his contact in Iran, the alleged co-conspirator Shakuri. Some of the details of those recorded calls are available in the indictment (linked below, see page 18). Perhaps that's what Feinstein was referring to, but in my judgement those public details aren't conclusive of much. They are proof that there is at least one other person in Iran who was involved in this plot but there doesn't seem to be anything conclusive that the person on the other end of the line was Qods or anyone else.

The only other thing I see, and it's pretty thin gruel, is a footnote on page 17:

"ARBABSIAR has been shown an array of seven photographs. Amongst these seven photographs were one photograph of each of two men known to the United States to be senior members of the Qods Force. It is believed that these two photographs are not publicly available. ARBABSIAR identified one of these photographs as depcting Iranian Official #2. The person depicted in the photograph that ARBABSIAR identified is known to the United States to have used the alias by which ARBABSIAR knew Iranian Official #2."

"Iranian Official #2" was identified as "a high-ranking member of the Qods Force."

Here's the document (PDF File):




Speaking of Sen. Feinstein, she should be attend to her constituent matters, instead of providing political cover for a runaway Presidency with the Chihuahua Affair's mumbo-jumbo. San Francisco now has a record high regarding homeless families, families that persons like Sen. Feinstein have not lifted one finger to help those who are down-n-out. She is being paid the 'big bucks' to look out for her hurting California constituents, instead she dances like a marionette before the Faux News crowds. Both she and her hubby are making big bucks from the DoD teet from what I understand.

Shame, for shame on her. http://www.sfbg.com/politics/2011/10/13/homeless-families-sf-hits-record-high

Roy G.

J, you hit the nail on the head. Feinstein was once a competent Democrat, but has devolved into a DINO in every sense of the word, as her tenure in the New Roman Senate has dragged on. Despite the stereotypes, SF is controlled by the 1% Elite, and this is Feinstein's one true constituency. She hasn't done a damn thing for anybody else here, much less the homeless, yet is kept in office by virtue of being a well-funded incumbent. God only knows what she's doing chairing the Intelligence committee, other than her usefulness as an Establishment Weathervane.

Will Reks

Monterey is a beautiful place.


Will Reks

We actually lived in the Del Monte Forest in Pebble Beach. I enjoyed sitting out back with the deer and the f-----g raccoons.pl


So Col do you think this is about keeping the US engaged against Iran and a buffer force between Iran and Israel?

It would seem that the decision to remove US troops from Iraq by December was the time coincident event to the public announcement of the used car salesman.

Also one would note that the air space of Iraq and probably Saudi Arabia will soon be conveniently open to quickly moving Israeli planes.


Roy G.

It appears that foreigners care more about California than its very own Sen. Feinstein does, take a look at the Mongol singing sensation (back in 2006) Амархуу Борхуу singing California Dreaming

Now when was the last time that Sen. Feinstein sang California Dreaming, must less dreamed about her now hurting California and her hurting homeless California constituents.

The more I think about it, the more I'm inclined to refer to the 'Congress' as the 'Clueless Marionettes', and to think, hard working Americans (many of them now homeless and out of jobs) provided Sen Feinstein her Queen Antoinette digs, caviar, and champagne.



Iraqi airspace is open np to the Israelis in all but name. Do you think the US government will shoot down their planes. After 1 January, we will have zero responsibility and the Iraqis have no ability to prevent Israeli intrusions. what are they going to do, shout at the sky? we have no role in protecting Saudi airspace. pl



I noted tonight that Ron Paul had the audacity to tell Blitzer that this is all "war prpaganda." Blitzer had him repeat it. pl


Some speculation on my part:

I recall Victor Ostrovsky mentioning that the Israelis have built stuff like transmitters that can send recorded signal traffic from 'countries of interests' that is then intercepted by other powers who draw - wrong - conclusions based on that. The 'country of interest' he referred to was iirc Libya.

Taking off from that - the Americans are said to not be so good at HUMINT in Iran. Didn't the Iranians roll up US spy networks over there? As a result, and probably also by inclination, the US rely on SIGINT.

In light of that, why not place such a Gizmo in Iran, geographically at the right spot, have it send or relay a message, with near certainty that the the Americans receive it? Voila, the Americans now have their own source to corroborate what the Israelis are telling them.

I don't think the Israelis are beyond that.

Roy G.

Well, it has been California Dreamin' for DiFi and her husband Dick Blum, as their net worth has quadrupled in the past decade. For the rest of us, the economy is more like the video you posted: American Idol, a one in a million shot to make it.


I don't think the Israelis are beyond that.

Standard operating procedure, nothing "special" for them.



Here's some interesting tidbits towards the IO/March to War with Iran (all courtesy of our 'friends' the Israelis)

US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran

Source [Senior Paki Intel Offico] Reveals Link between Israeli Mossad and Alleged Iranian Plotter

Israel and the March to War

And not to be 'outdone' in the IO Campaign, our neighbors to the north, their head wonk is spouting Mossad HQ talking points:
Iran 'most significant' threat to world: Harper

Now to my 64 dollar question, what are the Israelis going to do after their nation is in a mess from all the aftermath that goes with a Iran war? Do the Israelis really enjoy the thought of living in rubble and chaos, with conditions worse than that of what even the Palestinians are having to endure at the hands of their Israeli jailers? We have seen Hurricanes/Tornadoes/Tsunamis. Do the Israelis really think that 'this time' will be like the Gulf War 1 with a few measly scuds? The Israelis are really stupid, stupid in the fact that they are now facing the originators of the game of chess. This is not the time of Esther folks, that one is long past, too bad that Tel Aviv doesn't realize it.

Stupid Israelis, and our stupid D.C. that lets itself get suckered into one more unnecessary war courtesy of a pipsqueak postage stamp called Israel.


If the brain dead administration manufactured this little episode, to what end?
They obviously have no intention of ever taking any action (military or otherwise) against Iran.

If they thought that this would make Solyndra or "Fast and Furious" go away, they're even dumber than I thought (and that's pretty dumb).

robt willmann

1. The mention of Sen. Diane Feinstein in the context above brought back a vague memory of her finally resigning from a Senate committee when word got out that she was voting on war-related contracts after the 2003 Iraq invasion that benefited her husband, Richard Blum, and, perhaps through California community property laws, possibly herself as well.

A brief search brings forth the following, which indicate that matters relating to the wars are not the only potential money makers--





(Scroll down a little to get to the next one.)



2. A curious title appears on the filed document which began the public revelation of the scripted "plot" about Iran, the Saudi ambassador, the Mexican Zetas, and Manssor Arbabsiar, a/k/a Mansour Arbabsiar, and that is--"Sealed Amended Complaint".

"Amended" complaint? In legal procedure, an amended document takes the place of its previous, related document. Usually, you say "first amended petition" (or complaint), "second amended complaint", and so forth. So, there should be at least one previous complaint, certainly sealed, that this one replaced. What did it say? Did it just have the names spelled differently, or something substantively different?

The court clerk's docket sheet has as its first entry: "09/29/2011 Arrest of Manssor Arbabsiar ... (Entered: 10/11/2011)". Then it proceeds with several entries on 11 October, but beginning with the "amended" complaint. The latest entry is on 12 October and notes that a N.Y. Post journalist made a request for public access to the CJA 23 (Criminal Justice Act) Financial Affidavit submitted by Arbabsiar. The docket entry goes on to say that the court took no action on the request because the procedure to decide a demand for access to that document required a motion to intervene that must be made by an attorney. Arbabsiar appears to be represented at present by a person from the Federal Public Defender's office in New York City.

A sworn "complaint" in the federal criminal justice system acts as a placeholder to get the case started in court until the document that matters, the indictment of the accused, is returned by a grand jury and filed.


Fox News: 'Israelis, Saudis' Behind Iran Terror Plot

Richard Steven Hack

No surprise about Feinstein.

Any long time San Francisco resident knows Feinstein is the most corrupt politician since Hermann Goering.

Richard Steven Hack

One more point. The transfer of the $100,000 from Iran has zero value as evidence. I know a good deal about computer security and there is no problem for a competent hacker to obtain the wire transfer credentials of a corporation or other organization using standard "phishing" techniques and then initiate a wire transfer of sums of that sort from the bank without the owner's knowledge.

In some cases, malware can even adjust the owner's bank statement viewed over the Internet to disguise the transfer.

For Mossad or the CIA or even the incompetent FBI hackers to do this would not be a problem.

Nancy K

Feinstein is my senator, and I am a Democrat, but I would not vote for her again. She is no Democrat and she does not care about Calif. I thought it quite humorous that she lost a lot of her campaign funds when the manager ripped her off. I would not give a penny to her reelection. I won't vote for a Republican but I definitly will not vote for her.


Do racoons have the same reputation as rabbits?

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