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26 October 2011


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William R. Cumming

Interesting flick! Bet in the next 1000 years Crusaders forts occupied again by various forces. Ah the sands of times.


Those bonnets must complicate the headshot. Gotta be a brain in there somewhere!

Excellent review. I just had to block out those bonnets and concentrate on the incoming missile warnings.

That place was far more cavernous than the Merkava or Das Boot, but it still gave me claustro.


Perhaps I will see this movie. I always thought the bag looked more like a diaper. I seem to remember something about it supposedly concealing symmetry or something? Still there is probably a reason why nobody else use these things.

Kudos to Alan Farrell for a funny review.

Medicine Man

#1 thing I had to do after reading this review: Go look up some pictures from this movie to see the helmets Alan was talking about. Yes, they are rather hideous.

While we're on the topic, I've often wondered about those night vision goggles the US has — you know the ones that clip onto the helmet — and how they make a man look like Spaceman Spiff. Do they really exist, outside of Hollywood, and do the men who use them think they look a bit odd too.

Jim Ticehurst

Dr.Farrell...I Just Dropped into Yur Foxhole to Say it's Good to see You writing Your Movie reviews up here again..

No One can write Reviews like You do Sir..They are in a Class by themself..as only you can do..Both Funny..(Hilarious even) and yet in a Manner that Makes One Want to see the Movie..Like Medicine Man..I had to google the Utube Links to see those "Covers"..Bingo..You do them Justice..Looks like the Only Ones left in that OP are the Cooks and Chefs..

Now..I will go back to see the entire Award winning Movie..Speaking of Your Description of "LIRAZ"..I saw the Part of the movie where the Soldier says.." Liraz is What they Need here Now..Someone who can't Believe they Gave Him a Job.."

I have enjoyed everything you Have written and that has been Published here Alan..a Visit to Your Link is worthwhile..Reading..

I am Honored to Have Your Book of Film Reviews called
"High Cheeckbones..Pouty Lips..Tight Jeans"..Its a Classic..Thanks again for sending it to me in 2005.. I just reread your Note inside the Cover.."For jim..Under the Colors".. I had to Laugh..My first Impression after reading your "BEAUFORT" review was that it Said..
Under the COVERS..
Glad to know from Pat that you Recovered Well..Alan..My Best Regards and Deepest Respect...Jim

Medicine Man

On the bright side, their helmets weren't anywhere near as impractical as the stormtrooper's helms in Star Wars.


No wonder they are stiff necked and wear those things on their heads, there's no crevasse seeking spandex in sight, not even on a poster. Glad you are back, your reviews are much relief from the news...


Beaufort N.C. is a nice little town. The sun bonnets on the belles was the best part.

Phil Cattar

My father's family has lived for hundred of years near this Crusader castle.

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