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20 October 2011


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Ouch!! I almost feel sorry for poor Elliot Abrams. What a home life he must suffer.

William R. Cumming

Appalling if accurate!


Sometimes the mask slips...


Wow. Yet nothing will be said in the MSM.



Bill! Go look at her blog, "Bad Rachel." pl



Loons shall be loons. At least this one seems powerless enough to just be shrugged off.

OTOH I wonder if you had any opinion about the prisoner swap itself. There's an idea floating around that the sudden agreement by Israel to such a swap is essentially an attempt at embarrassing/punishing Mahmoud Abbas (with a complete disregard of long-term consequences). Essentially Israel is propping up the violent Hamas to damage the non-violent Abbas.

Nancy K

She is a very ugly woman and not just her looks. She lacks a heart. I think she must be an embarrassment to most Jews.


It would be easy to dismiss her as just another nut.

But yet the real problem is she can say these things with absolutely no fear of social or political or editorial rejection, at least of any institutions that make a difference or that she cares about.

John Minnerath

Whew! All I can say.


I think this woman, I won't call her a lady, needs to have a talk to her Rabbi.

Buzz Meeks

Los Angles substitute teacher Cynthia MacCallister fired for using term "Zionist Jew" bankers, and that they and the Fed should be run out of the country. FoxLA "news" now trying to claim #Occupy as anti-Semitic because this woman made her comments at #Occupy LA meeting, but this screech harpy's writings pass unnoticed.

Abrams is a vile, twisted, wretched woman. More tellingly, her familial connections show what is the AIPAC fifth column is linked to in the government and what their plans are for this country. Ignore the man behind the curtain at your peril.

Farmer Don

Go to her blog with the link in the article.
On the top left is a report abuse button for Blogger.
Fill in her the URL for her blog and send it in to Blogger


Well, shocking it ain't. It just puts actions into words, only that. Palestinian is the n****r of the world, to paraphrase John Lennon.

Anybody who's ever spent 10 minutes at a border crossing doesn't need this to understand what's going on.

William R. Cumming

OKAY! Missed it! What exactly is this woman's relationship to Elliot Abrams? I believe he accepted a pardon and wondering what he is doing now?



As it says in the article, she is his wife. pl


jr786....not to worry about the Palestinian "N" problem. I'm not sure the Palestinians can ever shake their curse of squatting on the piece of the planet,known as the "Holy Land".

Actually, as I have said before, deep down inside. The Palestinians might psychologically need the disignation of Middle Eastern Doormat.

But soon,
the Palestinians, won't be as lonely at or near the bottom. The Caucasions, are well along the way civilizationaly into joing the wreteched classification. Just as the Roman legions finally could no longer shoulder the burden of empire, so to will ours. Then,the slide will only get steeper and more rapid. The implosion of the Dollar as the world reserve currancy, will mark the opening of the last act. Cheerio!


Zionism and racism, not much of a shock is it? I see that she censors comments on her blog posts also so as to keep the place ideologically pure, so she is an ideologue of the worst type to boot.


Her Rabbi probably told her to write that!


That monster couple probably has sex while looking at dismembered Arab babies.

R Whitman

She has been smoking some of that Mexican dope from the Zetas.

Roy G.

Wow, that would make Meier Kahane proud.

Also, she is the daughter of neocon queen and PNAC true believer Midge Decter.



The Emergency Committee for Israel is a group that she's on the Board of. The organization has come to be heavily financed by a group of wealthy Wall Street types, perhaps most noticeably zillionaire hedge fund manager Daniel Loeb. Loeb was an Obama guy who defected after Obama argued that hedge funds managers paying just 15% tax on their income was unfair to the rest of us. Started giving money to the ECI -- which produced the video seeking to describe all the occupy wall street people as raging anti-semites. It's all about the dollars.


And btw, Abrams has been systematically removing all comments on her post. When i looked yesterday there were 9 comments -- none what i would call over the top in their criticism. Today, there are just 2 comments on the post.


It's a cri de coeur alright, but that virulent spew is not about Israel or Palestinians or politics.

Reminds me of that old joke with punch line: "The bear looks at him and says "This isn't about hunting, is it?"



correction: it may be about politics after all - family politics.

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