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22 September 2011


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William R. Cumming

A dual citizen? A MOSSAD seat?


The current President is beneath contempt. But I'll give it a shot anyway.

He has placed the interests of another country before our own. He disgraced himself, his office and any damn fool who placed any hope in his perfectly cadentic, bullshit laden rhetoric - people like me, for instance.

The papers here are beside themselves. Later this week I have an embassy function. I'll ask people what they think and report back,


A quiet invasion:
"The collapse of Soviet power in 1989-91 contributed to the Arabs’ disarray, as did the huge success of pro-Israeli Americans in penetrating almost every institution of the American government, whether at state or federal level, most notably the U.S. Congress. The message these advocates conveyed was that the interests of America and Israel were identical and their alliance ‘unshakable.’"


It was not enough for Israel to be assured of a US veto at the UN.

Israel required even more--the public humiliation of the United States as the president bent down on one knee and pledged fealty to all things zionist.

The good news is that the day is nearer when Israel will overplay its hand with the US public.


This was the last straw for me. Looks like I may not waste my time voting now.


The tragedy of the Jews, so my father and his Jewish friends told me is that they always go one step too far - relying on Chutzpah.

No one has yet tied our current global financial crisis with Israeli interests. If that connection is achieved, even if it is untrue, then God help the Jewish people.

To put that another way, about every Three to Five years while I was in business, I was asked if I was a "Friend of Israel". Failure to reply in the affirmative is judged as a career limiting move in many companies and is also prejudicial to business success.


The sorcerer, back in the star chamber to work his magic. God help us.

Phil Giraldi

I suppose it could be worse - it could be Doug Feith, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz...but seriously, does anyone expect anything better from Obama...or Perry...or Romney...or Bachmann...or Clinton?????

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