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10 September 2011


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My grandfather on my mother's side was an avid oysters eater and fan. Neither the wife nor I are oyster fans, she however is a big shrimp and seafood fan, whereas myself I'm predominately 'lobster, lobster, and more lobster' with a good steak thrown in of course.

Enjoy your oysters, I know my grandfather sure enjoyed them. :)


I eat all that stuff. worked on a lobster boat in Maine, love clams, octopus, squid, most any kin of fish Don't like trout. pl


In New Zealand for vacation, and I had some scallops that I had caught myself while diving, fresh and raw right out of the ocean. Earlier I had some rock oysters the tide had turned up, raw as well. It was all delicious.

Though I'm jealous of the horseradish.

William R. Cumming

According to the annals of Capt. John Smith the mouth of the James and Rappahannock and Potomac were literally clogged with shoals created by oysters. At least one of these allowed a person to walk across the mouth of the river.

Today some efforts made to restore oysters to the BAY. I myself buy sprats the size of dimes and let them grow to dollar size before seeding the creek I live on that is part of the Little Wicomico River and just over 1 mile from Smith Point Light at the mouth of the Potomac.

A high level Bay Commission rejected the introduction of Asian oysters into the BAY several years ago for fear of miscegenation.


Hmmm . . . . Nothing better than fresh, raw oysters.

In Louisiana, the only thing I'd squirt on them was lemon juice and a shake of fresh ground black pepper. None of that ketchup/tabasco concoction.

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Boy, that sounds good!! Could be a road trip in the near future.

Russ Wagenfeld

worked on a lobster boat
Tough work Pat. Every year here a couple don't come back to port. Most of the people I know here have some tie to the fishing industry. Not an easy way to make a living especially with all the restrictions these days.



Did you ever try California abalone?



Yes, but not since I was a boy. That was in Long Beach, California with my Dad. He was an old colonial soldier, Phillipine Scouts, Phillippine Constabulary, the Punitive Expedition and he would eat anything but had a particular tase for abalone.I am writing a short story about him and his pals in PI. it is called "The Dancing Carabao." pl



Speaking of all this food, makes me hungry, hungry for all the upcoming Christmas/New Years holiday feasts. Too bad that the SST readership can't set up a virtual food spread from all over the globe where your readership has been, some good eats. The way the Russians and Germans celebrate Christmas & New Years, makes a person's tongue wag with anticipation. We're talking good food, good drink, joyous attitude, singing, a good ol hoedown. And then there is all that good food from the Caucuses, and the Mideast, and Africa, and South America, and the Caribbean, and Asia. Sheez, I'm getting fat just thinking about all of those wunnerful eats.

Sooooo....do you have any 'special' seafood treat for the Holidays that you enjoy that you want to share? Just asking. It's really really really is sad we can't set up a virtual food spread where we can sample all the good cooking our little marble has to offer.

Back to my bowl of grits. Hey, I like grits with about everything.

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

Steve, I never thought about black pepper w/ lemon juice but that sounds great! And, hey, a Louisiana guy that doesn't use Tabasco??


J, seems like you have a good idea with a 'virtual' feast. I'd be happy to contribute a recipe or two.


Stumbling back across this post on a snowing Sunday I want to thank you again for the blog. I recall spending summers at Coles Point in Westmoreland County long ago. Old Man Boyce had a marina there before he passed. Many an oyster and crab boat there at the time. Taught me how to clean a hull of barnacles and paint the same. Never could get quite the same straight line with an 8" brush free-hand that he could. Always enjoyed the soft-shelled crabs myself, though I do enjoy an oyster or two when in the mood.

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