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08 September 2011


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Wonderful story.Had to lift up everyone who reads it.Thanks for sharing.......PS With all the bad stuff happening all the time,maybe you could put a heartwarming post up like this every now and then.

Medicine Man

What would you have done if he'd made a move on the rabbit?

You know, I was just starting to read this article to my wife when I realized how surreal it all sounds, and if I didn't know better I might be tempted to disbelieve it myself. But no, I believe every word of this story. I do wonder why the gents in that room put their foot down there.

One of the things I get from this blog is the occasional reminder not to get too comfortable with what I think I know about soldiers. The last time was when you told that story about shooting that dove in Turkey. I didn't know what to say then and don't really know what to say now.

Patrick Lang


I hate explaining literature, especially my own, and so I won't. pl



SAC Brat

Imagine if your group/class ran the base boy scout troop....

Always being around veterans this was normal. Why not be like this? It is hard to explain.

It does make it difficult to deal with small men.

Tom Milton

If only somehow people with these values and life experience could wind up in positions of top leadership, our USA would be in a much better position circa mid-late 2011. If only ...

Thanks for sharing Colonel Lang

Green Zone Cafe


Of course you are right, the pig did not die a pointless death.

Medicine Man

Duly noted. By way of apology, here's a picture of a Flemish Giant: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flemish_giant_fawn_doe.jpg

I saw one of these at the PNE two weeks back. An enormous but very laid back rabbit.

Byron Raum

Tom Milton, it occurs to me that maybe we are already there. Maybe a conscience isn't that rare a thing; there was a catalyst here, someone stood up, and when he stood up, he found out that everyone was standing up behind him. Hundreds of rabbits died in other classes when no one took that first step. Maybe that's all we need, a few catalysts here and there, someone taking the first step.

Patrick Lang


someone wrote that "H.Rap." was a catalyst for our action to save the rabbit. IMO, no. We were already "there." he just moved first. we were going back to the war. we all accepted that but this kind of bullshit was unacceptable. pl

Charles I

Sweet & Surly Saved Rabbit, what a tasty dish.

Serendipitously, I saw one of the few of the season up here this morning, whereupon my pirate isp returned and here we are. Last year was a tremendous rabbit year which meant the coyotes did very well over the winter accounting for the missing bunnies judging by the scat.

You are the most effective soldier-humanizing agent of the day. Thank you. Thanks for vacationing from your SST vacation.

However, there is research into bulling, mob & crowd dynamics that indicate one rapid dynamic actor can catalyze a crowd and negate the bystander effect to prevent mindless pointless violence.

Your rabbit-hearted rescue cohort were coherent and had skin in the game. But in a a stranger context, one person can command intervention. Or they could when I was a strapping young heavily fueled manic anti-violence control freak in more halcyon, less "strapped" days. . .

The Moar You Know

MM - I believe every word. There were acts of great compassion and love for one's fellow man (and beast) committed during the course of Vietnam that you'll never hear about unless you are lucky enough to know someone who was involved in one of them.

Thank you, Colonel, for sharing this. The rabbit, had it the means to speak, would thank you as well.

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