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23 September 2011


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And Hitler only had one ball and the other was neither in the Albert Hall nor on the kitchen wall!


Qhattiiffi (sp) has to go someplace, and this would be a more interesting destination than most....Mr. Netanyahu, tear down this wall...

William R. Cumming

Well there are some similarities between MQ's Libya and Israel.

Green Zone Cafe

Picture of the Orly Wienerman romantically linked to Saif Al Islam in the article:


Solution: Saif and Orly get married and establish a new dynasty to rule the Middle East.


But think of that oil money!


Just out of curiosity, exactly,how did you confirm a count on the number of the Fuhrer's testicles? It is pretty certain, you aren't old enough to have been in the sack with him.



Ooow, that would be one ugly picture. Two Mack trucks colliding head on.


Why do not you leave us alone in "Peace"Thank you



Because you won't leave anyone else in peace. pl

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