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06 September 2011


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"We must remember that the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans still exist."

I've been reading Russian history this summer. The "moat" of geography, large spaces and water, work for you in defense and against you on offense. I think remembering the oceans would go a long way to helping us relax and assess threats rationally.


"First, one defines National Purpose, then one devises policy based on that, then strategy is developed, then programs for national defense, then budgets are proposed to the Congress…
"...the real question of "what we would do with our armed forces in the future," and "to what end?..."

There you go with that clear and concise thinking again. Refreshing as always.

William R. Cumming

Agree pretty much with PL but then would point out not much civilian capability as to designing long term national strategy. All is based on this day, this week, this month, this year, this election, this quarterly earnings statements. Perhaps the one word on the British Coat of Arms "ENDURE" is axiomatic. If you don't get through today maybe no tomorrow.

We funded largely off the books the banks and the Bond Ghouls on the basis that their debts were a priority national interest not those of the man or woman on the street or small or midcap business. That money cannot be recovered in total or major part. It is spent and gone in the Hamptons and elsewhere. So where does National Security start and stop for an impoverished nation? First it downsizes its expectations. Second it makes sure that its foreign service apparatus and INTEL apparatus is fully functioning even at the cost of reduction of some military assets. The National Guard has a dual role serving both the STATES and the DOD. But 95% of its training, equipment, and deployment costs even when not federalized are born by UNCLE SUGAR. In disasters FEMA pays the STATES who then pay the NG costs. I would argue that the ground forces have been ground up over the last decade while in the main the Navy and Air Force are tan rested and ready. A gross oversimplification I know. The UAV issues alone are worthy of intensive study and oversight. I reach no conclusions here. But I would immediate transfer the US Coast Guard, its personnel, missions and assets to the DOD for administration. I would consider making DISA and other organizations truely dual use and housed largely on the civil side of government. The TSA should be transferred back to DOT. I view that organization as a large subsidy for security to the Airline industry that has never in its history had a single company make profits over its lifespan. DHS in general should be given both the domestic INTEL role of the FBI and perhaps all of the FBI and the DOJ reduced largely to litigation on behalf of the government. AT over 125,000 employees many of its units like the Federal Bureau of Prisons are merely a distraction to its primary litigation function. It should hire and fire and administer all the litigation staff housed in FEDERAL departments and agencies. Radicalization of prisoners is more of a DHS function that a DOJ function. As is Drug Enforcement so that DEA should also go to DHS. Immigration should be sent in its entirety to the STATE Department. Including the appellate functions now housed in DOJ. The role of FEMA as either a collaborative/cooperative funding agency including emergency information for all the federal family as opposed to being a safety net for the deficiencies of other federal emergency units should be studied and decided once and for all. And a domestic crisis management system developed that all can understand. Right now few know [or perhaps care?] who, what, when, how the feds will show up in any domestic catastrophe!

And finally perhaps time for a true Science and Natural Resources agency incorporating EPA, NOAA, Forest Service, BLM and other components that are mismanaged or housed improperly.

The best thing to make the federal budget understandable is to publicize and seek comment on revisions of the various budget codes that are in fact the way both the executive branch and congress study and recommend and enact budgets. STATE and LOCAL Assistance for example is the 045 account yet the huge amount of DOD assistance to STATES and their local governments is not included in that account, certainly not NG training, equipment, and other expenditures.

And do we really need 16 members of the INTEL community to determine what the capability of various other countries are? How are resource issues analyzed by the community? For example, drought and water and energy or food?

Well time for brainpower to be applied and I guess the charge is being led by Dr. Aston Carter, PhD in physics for DOD but I could be wrong.

More obviously could be written.

Norbert M Salamon

Mr Cummins:

your comments are reasonable, logical, and would cut some of the bureaucracy. THEREFORE IT WILL NOT BE DISCUSSED by the power elite.

Pray inform me as to the meaning of DISA - I think I got the rest of the abbriviations.

Thak you.


Your aoutline is eminently logical.Perhaps I may respectfully suggest that the matter of funding has to be moved way ahead, as it is the majopr restriction in selling any program when there are 48 million on food stams, and over 3 millon who are without any further income supplement from Employment insurance.

As Admiral Mullen indicated the debt of the USA is the greatest security risk for the nation, thus all planning has to take this issue into considferation, including DOD [and other appropriations serving areas of DOD, such as nuclear bomb maintenance, pensions medical care etc for the vets and their families,,,,


Je suis récemment tombé sur votre blog et ont lu le long. Je pensais que je quitterais mon premier commentaire. Je ne sais pas quoi dire sauf que j'ai apprécié la lecture. Blog de ​​Nice, je vais continuer à visiter ce blog très souvent.



Bienvenue. pl



I respectfully disagree regarding the 'DHS' thought, instead of other agencies giving them their already assigned duties, 'DHS' needs to be scrap-heaped into the wastebasket of failed government entities where it rightfully belongs. DHS is nothing but a 'boonedoggle' in more ways than you can shake a hickory stick, and never should have been created to begin with. DHS was born out of panic legislation by panicked legislators listening to the advice of nitwits.

You want INTEL screwed up more than it already is, then put it into the hands of the errant DHS.

DHS needs to be trash-canned.

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