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05 September 2011


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Let the Chesapeake boys loose in Syria, they'll take care of the place for U.S.. They'll frack the place to death and contaminate the Syrian underground aquifers like they have U.S., not to mention causing all kinds of earthquakes. Frack Syria, frack the whole Mideast, and watch the whole damn place turn into one big fracked sank-hole when the Chesapeake boys get finished.

William R. Cumming

I my be wrong but I think Syria may now be in play for a leadership role in the ARAB spring! An otherwise very very significant but largely failed enterprise.

Norbert M Salamon


That WTI is below $90.00 does not mean that the USA gets Saudi, Nigerian etc oil at ledss than Brent at $115.00
Your politicians a getting the Canadfain Producers upset, your politicians have insured that Libya's production will not get to 1.6 million barrels for a long tiome, and your politicians are also getting Venesuela [bigger reserves than Saudi] cheesed off - notably there are lot of non-USA oil co-s in the Orinico Basin.
Wolr's NET Export has shrunk by approx 1 millioon barrels a day,l and will singk more next year.

Are your politicians [who press EU to follow your lead] completely removed form reality? your suburban/exurban city scape is built on TRANSPORT, which takes biggest amount of oil in USA. And your politicians are working on getting WORLD oil production to be even more than possible!

Something does not compute.


Well first of all J, who the hell are the Chesapeake boys?

And just in case, you haven't bought any gasoline in say the last 36 months. Priceing would suggest it is in reasonably tight supply.

So what is wrong with "fracking Syria" for a little additional supply?

They have been "fracking" with us for the last 50 years or so.


Note the article was written by the Chinese new service and correlates in time with timely discovery in a discarded garbage, documents linking recent Chinese arms trades with Libya.

I wonder if China will lose its energy concessions with Libya's new government?

Does Syria export by pipeline or port?


“In every combat action there is a point at which the growing negative factors of lost materiel, murdered human potential, and expended will power begin to outweigh the positive factors in the situation. Carl von Clausewitz, the German philosopher of war, called this the “culminating point” of a battle. If the goal of the operation is reached before this point is reached, then victory is won.”

“Carolina in the Mornin”

There are reports of army defections increasing in several different areas today. Maybe the culminating point of shooting protesters who won’t back down to protect a punk President is being reached.




Fracking is 'hydraulic fracturing' for short, see:

Fracking is sooo luved, that it's been banned in several countries, so if ya want to hurt another nation, then frack them.

Chesapeake is an energy company hq'd in OKC, that is one of the primary players in natural gas extractions.

There is one good thing I can say for the Chesapeake head cheeze boys, they cook a mean brisket.


Assassination attempt on Emir of Qatar this morning. No one seems to have picked this story up.



Patrick Lang


yes, well, he is kind of a jerk. assasination attempts are a never ending thing in th eregion. pl

Robert C.

"They have been "fracking" with us for the last 50 years or so."


The US and other Western gov'ts have crapped on the ME populace for the last 50 years. Period.

Robert C.



You don't think that this whole affair will affect Damascus's opera house, do you? The have some good hoofing taking place there.
I'd hate to see politics run such good entertainment.


Lets see what France gets out of this so-called revolution...

Since this NATO mission is almost done. I have a few other recommendations for the next African missions for NATO. Want to bet they go no where?

Patrick Lang


No. There will probably be no more interventions. We can't afford it, any of us. pl


Off topic here... Just heard US Senator Mark Kirk (R) Illinois, who just came back from Afghanistan and from his tour of duty... A Navy Reserve Commander and ..eh..intelligence officer...

1. The Surge worked!
2. AQ is half of its former shadow...
3. Pakistan bad...Supports new insurgency that is killing Americans.

I really have a problem with politicians serving in uniform while holding federal elected political offices.

You cannot serve both God and Mammon...

The beaver


France is numero uno for whatever ressources Libya has!!!
TOTAL is the lucky one and guess who is the "god father" of Sarko? Baron Frère - trouvez l'erreur.
As far as the wealthy ones willing to pay more taxes(until 2013 according to the PM - thus after the French Prez election of May 2012), well they are all his "friends" including Liliane Bettencourt- the ongoing saga in Paris these days.


The Beaver,

Do you think we could convince zee 'Baron' to squeeze a glass or two from his Château Cheval Blanc winery near Bordeaux? I could sure use a sip of fine wine, couldn't you?

The beaver


I like the Chenin Blanc from Vouvray - not too keen on Bordeaux :-)

BTW: Look up Ziad Takieddine - you may not see a lot of English articles but if you read French, then you can connect the dots.



It's too bad that our Western spot of heaven has little understanding about all the beauty that resides in the various Mideast spots like Syria. For your viewing enjoyment, like the pretty little Syrian actress Sulaf Fawakherji.

And then there is all the piano concerts at Damascus's Opera House, not to mention all the Lezkingas that are danced there by visiting Dagestani Dance Troupes.

I hope that ugly politics don't get in the way of beauty and fine art.



An interesting story on the Human Intelligence success in Libya.



M. Lang, could you elaborate on the "jerk" , the Emir of Qatar? I've always seen him in a positive light. He was sometimes a jerk in his relations with the Saudis. But was he ever a jerk with us?

Patrick Lang


perhaps you have not met him. pl

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