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23 September 2011


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William R. Cumming

Personally and perhaps ignorantly I don't see those that supported the creation of a nation-state for the Jews, whatever their beliefs or religions, as believing that a narrow minded theocracy was what was needed but instead a refuge for those suffering religious intolerance because they were believes in Judiasm and therefore were entitled to end that discrimination if necessary by immigration to a new homeland.

Israel now more Sparta than Athens. Was this the only path to the present?


We as 'Americans' have 'more in common' with the Palestinians than with the Israelis. Whereas the Israelis have 'more in common' with the now defunct Former Soviet Union totalitarianism police state (note I did NOT say 'Russia', I said 'Former Soviet Union totalitarianism police state).

I see Zionism as akin to nothing more than Totalitarianism. I think that is what the late Rav Yolesh was talking about when he said Zionism was anti-Creator-of-Life in both its form and its behavior, a slap in Heaven's face.

Why does Professor Mezvinsky make no mention or reference to the late Rave Yolesh? I wonder...........


It may have been the most likely path.

All things go the way of yesterday's lunch - and utopian schemes tend to do so more quickly. I suspect it has something to do with human nature.


What is most astonishing about Israel today is the refusal of its present leadership to realize that its road to glory and Eretz Israel has nothing but a bad outcome.

And, yes, I understand that Netanyahu is more interested in political survival and short term gain, but even he must realize that his obstinence will lead--sooner rather than later--to the isolation of Israel economically, politically, and certainly morally.

Of course I should not just single out Likud--Labor, Kadima, et al, have all been complicit, mostly differing in style.

But one would think that some Israeli pol would have the guts to say to his countrymen--"Folks, the game is over, to survive we have to change.


My congratulations to Mr. Mezvinsky. That was the most insightful review of Zionism and it's impact on Israel I have ever read. The Zionism of Israel today is something my Irgun grandfather feared would cause the end of Israel as the Jewish homeland. My grandfather's presence at Deir Yassin was something that broke his heart and his bond with Israel forever. You are spot on with your analysis.


Having read your past posts with interest, I appreciate your input on this issue. I think it is time for Israel to do some self reflection. They certainly wouldn't like to be treated the way they treat the Palestinians.


We as 'Americans' have 'more in common' with the Palestinians than with the Israelis....J


Speak for yourself "white boy"!



I don't give a damn for either the israelis or the Arabs. I just work there. pl



The 'commonality' that we Americans share with the Palestinians, both have suffered repression from 'overlords', our was the Brit Crown, theirs is the Israelis.

Our American forefathers gave the British Crown the big middle finger, and it appears the Palestinians are doing the same to their Israeli jailers.

Many (both Israelis, Holocaust survivors, and non-Israelis) point to the way the Palestinians are today being treated by their Israeli Government jailers as likened unto what the Jews experienced at the hands of the Nazis. So one has to ask the hard question based on their analysis, has Israel become the 21st Century's Schutzstaffel?


I would argue they are treated the same way as Palestinians and that is part of the reason why they treat Palestinians so badly. I honestly think that when they see the Palestinians they see the Arabs around them who want their entire nation destroyed and for the most part they are not wrong. The Arab world has been constantly attacking Israel and not only because of the Palestinians. They simply don't believe that Israel should exist. They are overparanoid yet not completely unjustified in their paranoia.


So the Palestinians are guilty of the conduct of surrounding Arab states and thus deserving of the treatment they receive at the hands of nuclear armed Israel? Please tell us how they should respond to the abuse, violence and more importantly the blockade?

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