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08 September 2011


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William R. Cumming

My guess is at least 3 more to enter Republican race. Palin and either Bush or Rubio or both! Perhaps another. Bachemann clearly finished and now where does TEA PARTY go?

The beaver


I see Ronald Reagan in his mannerism and even the way that he speaks. It happened in 1979 ( was just in my first yr university then) and it may happen again


Col: Greetings from the Lone Star State. Perry is effective because he fulfills an important need of my fellow Texans: He believes that "our" way is right. Sometimes people want (read: desperately need) that validation, particularly, in a world rapidly transforming.

I pity America if he wins. He's George W. Bush without the curiosity.


I agree with your observations. Perry has run, and won 6 times statewide in The Lone Star state. A political coliseum, known for its brutal combat.

He took out the incumbent female Democratic governor, while the democratic establishment, threw the kitchen sink at him.

Recently, he defeated the Bush/Rove GOP slime,mafia, establishment, when they ran the popular and incumbent female US Senator
against him.

He is definitely, a man to be reckoned with politicaly. Unfortunately, he will have a very tough race against Barry Obama. And the MSM and national establishment will try to do to him, what they so successfully did to Palin.


As a self-confessed coaster, I was especially appalled by Perry's ironic misuse of an iconic figure --Galileo -- to support his own "abject" insistence that the issue of climate change is unsettled in the the mainstream community. Galileo, stood against the church's willful ignorance and active suppresion of Copernicus' heliocentric "theory", Galileo's crime was supporting science against the church. Mainstream science today may be wrong about the human role in climate change, but there's no question that the vast majority of scientists are convinced that it's significant.

I'm sure this will resonate in the heartland, and Perry will be easily trounced.

The AP had a tougher take on Perry:



Those coastal crowds are much larger than the non-coastal ones, but Morning Joe is even less significant. Rick Perry may be nominated, but getting there can be problematic in the general election.

Nancy K

Perry is no Ronald Reagan. Reagan was not even Reagan. Some how he has become become the poster child for the religious neocons. He was not religious and he was not a neocon. He raised taxes, he raised the debt ceiling aro 17 times. He was an actor, and he played the part of a president really well.
I live in California, he was my gov. before he was my president. Don't let myth get in the way of reality.
Having said this I would choose Reagan over a Perry type anyday. Reagan had a heart, I'm not so sure about Perry.

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

At this point, it appears you're right, Pat. I'm struck, though, by your story above this post about the bunny rabbit being saved by actual GI's vs. Perry's story about shooting a jackal/chupacabra/coyote that was attacking his daughter's puppy while he was jogging. With a .380 semi w/ hollow point ammo, no less. No VX for a Texan, I guess.

Babak Makkinejad


The human contribution to global change is insignificant.

Yet scientists and others have an agenda and they will push that for all its worth.

Plain and simple: Mr. Bush was right to reject Kyoto Protocols.


Only a broken political system could come up with a "choice" between Perry and Obama.

Perry will emerge from the mud wrestling republican primaries in plenty of time to get cleaned up and made presentable for the coastal elites in the general election.

Chris Matthews will again get a tingle up his leg at the manly Perry and all will be well in punditland.


Nancy K.

Ronald Reagan is no longer Ronald Reagan, he's a metaphor.


Since the human contribution to global change is insignificant you won't mind if we send our nuclear waste and acid rain your way, will you?

(I do agree that rejecting the Koyoto protocols, however, may have been the correct policy decision)

Will Reks


Yes, because the climate change deniers (no, not you. the energy/oil industry) don't have an agenda.

98% of scientists agree on the human role in climate change. Are you one of the 2%?

That being said, I think it's far too late to do anything about it. The profit motive in our economy and the nature of our politics will prevent any meaningful legislation.


I wonder what Reagan would have thought of the crowd bursting into applause when Perry’s record of executions was mentioned. He favored the death penalty, obviously, but I can’t imagine him cheering hundreds of deaths. He was also convinced of the importance of such things as minimizing civilian casualties in warfare. Some of his policies were cruel in effect but his basic humanity and decency were never in doubt. Not sure that he would recognize the “Ronald Reagan” we hear about from today’s Republican Party, even if that Republican Party is to a large degree the logical extension of the movement Reagan led.

I would say that Perry missed an opportunity last night and Romney lives to fight another day, but no more than that. Perry threw a lot of red meat to the base but the harder he throws rightward the more difficult it will be for him to appeal to the center later on. No candidate with national ambitions has ever spoken about Social Security as Perry did last night.

Perry’s differences with Romney over Social Security are in fact more rhetorical than substantial, but the Florida retirees may not notice when they go vote in the state’s primary.

Babak Makkinejad

Will Reks:

I think there is such a thing as Scientific Truth and the scientists have not established that human activity is the major contributor to global warming.

Climate has changed significantly over the last million years and there periods that have been warmer than today.

Earth warming is not a global catastrophe, ice ages are.

Babak Makkinejad


And when will North Americans and Europeans discard the benefits of the internal combustion engine and thermo-electric power in favor of digging ditches by shovel and going to bed when the sun sets?

Oh yes, of course; very many are doing their part by using hybrid vehicles - thus shoving the global warming emissions upstream.


Earth warming is not a global catastrophe, ice ages are...Babak Makkinejad

You are exactly right! Warming means a larger food growing area, and longer food growing season.

Cold means NO FOOD!!!

The Global Warming scare campaign is a audacious scam,capitalizing on the natural cyclic nature of the global climate. And what is the purpose of the Global Warming SCAM!!!!?

Weelll! Could it just be, that fat faced AL Gore(who flys around in those awful polluting private jets),and his NYC sleaze bag buddies at Goldman Sachs will get to convert the very air we all breathe, into a securitized product(same principle as sub prime mortgages and credit default swaps). And then, we will all get the privilege,to purchase from Al and his buddies, the right to breathe.

Those damn Klingons, are a clever bunch.And they are very good at finding greedy useful fools like Al, when they need to.


Perry running and taking the Presidency is no joke. The big newspapers are running articles on the issues of Perry's governance of Texas. Perry is a politician first and foremost, don't underestimate him. Perry wins the who would I like to hang out at BBQ with. Romney and Obama don't win the who would I like to hang at the BBQ with contest.

I think it comes down to simple likability to tip the closely divide votes to one side or the other. The country is too far gone for any president to change course before a severe train wreck happens. At this time were bleeding form a thousand small and large cuts, add an head on accident to a bleeding patient and the outcome is unknowable, except there is going to be pain for 99.99 of us out here.

Medicine Man

"What is apparently obscure to the coastal crowd is how much Perry's positions and manner appeal to all those millions of Americans who are not liberals."

Exactly the reverse could be said about Obama. What worries me is that Perry seems to be as much an authentic conservative as Obama is a champion of the working class.


You are exactly right! Warming means a larger food growing area, and longer food growing season.

Yessss!!! Like the Sahara and the Taklamakan!!!


Apologies for snark. Only meant to suggest that Highlander's agronomic model may be a tad too parsimonious.

Allen Thomson

> Perry's story about shooting a jackal/chupacabra/coyote that was attacking his daughter's puppy while he was jogging. With a .380 semi w/ hollow point ammo, no less.

To the delight of Ruger, who now has a special edition of it out:


Phil Giraldi

Perry is yet another Israel firster, like Bachmann. How many of these folks do we need to lead us? God help us all!


Phil: Is Perry an Israel-Firster or is he an Israel-Firster-Please-Donate-to-My-Campaign-First kinda guy? I say the latter.

Follow the money.



The internal combustion engine - about the time we have $10/gallon gas. Something other than 70% or so coal based electric output - no time soon. That's one of the main problems with Kyoto


The problem with global warming is that it does not stop. Further, there is all the methane on the ocean floor and in the permafrost to make it happen more quickly than expected. The final temperature may not be compatible with any life whatsoever, let alone human farming.

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