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06 September 2011


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How far away are we from a candidate being challenged for being too "pro-Israel"?

When that happens, the dam will break.


Gates coldly laid out the many steps the administration has taken to guarantee Israel’s security ...-- and then stated bluntly that the U.S. has received nothing in return, …"
"Netanyahu lectured Gates at length on the possible dangers posed to Israel by such sales…"

Unlike the danger to the USA by Israel's sale of secrets from Jonathan Pollard that Israel sold to our enemies?

Gates should have been focusing on US security, not that of a foreign government. Now that he's out of power he bitches? No balls to resign? To say No to Israel while he had power? Did Gates remove any former IDF officer from security clearances or employment by DOD? Did he order an end to training and port of call visits to Israel? Anything at all while he had power, authority and the RESPONSIBILITY?

Nancy K

I wish the so called Rapture would happen soon and we could be rid of all these idiots. The world would be a much better place.
Maybe Islamic extremists could also be magically transported to another realm along with the Christian extremists.

Nancy K

Sorry, meant to add Zionist extremists to the list also. Looking at who would be in that chosen area, it looks like hell to me.

Green Zone Cafe

1. Jeff Goldberg seems like a good guy, he reflects the old Labor Zionist rational point of view that is in the minority in Israel now that they imported hundreds of thousands of Soviets.

2. I doubt the Mayor of NYC exercises much if any editorial control over the media that bears his name.

3. Gates is a true patriot; he serves the nation the best he can in the role he is in.


'a tickle under the chin'(lol). How about a rolled up newspaper? That can get an errant pup's attention.


Netanyahu is simply "Harvesting" whatever he can get from Israels long relationship with America, knowing that, as Col. Lang said, it is a transactional relationship, and it has almost run its course.

Netahyahu knows that the Endlosung the settlers have in mind for the Palestinians will fracture whats left of the American Jewish (and Gentile) liberal support base on human rights grounds. He is also aware that the American financial condition is going to make the Three billion a year in aid more visible year by year.

This already pronounced decline in support of Israel among younger American Jews support was coyly termed by Steve Cohen and Ari Kelman: “a near-total absence of positive feelings.” as quoted by Peter Beinart.


Then there is the Arab spring to consider, and Turkey. What is the likelihood that America is going to continue to always see things Israels way when it is wrapped in its own travails?

Most probably the last thing he gets is the bombing of Iran by a newly elected Christianist Republican President. After that, what more is there to ask for?

Just my Two cents...


Nancy, your scenario was actually a "Star Trek" episode. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let_That_Be_Your_Last_Battlefield


GZC, Colonel,

In my book Goldberg is a horse's arse. He was born/raised/suckled by U.S., and instead of joining our U.S. Military and doing a short stint, he goes and joins a 'foreign military', defending that 'foreign nation' from their prison inmates. Goldberg's stint in the IDF was as a prison guard, he had to make sure that those crafty Palestinan prisoners didn't have any slingshots between them. IMO when Mr. Goldberg at the moment he joined a 'foreign military' he should have 'lost' his U.S. Citizenship, right then. It's one thing for those born in Israel to join their IDF, don't have a problem with that, it's when U.S. Citizens put a foreign nation ahead of our U.S., that gets my goat. I have said it before, and I'll say it again they need to 'end' U.S. 'dual citizenship'. Either you're with U.S. or one is not, just that plain and that simple.



Bibi, IMO is an ungrateful little snot. Thanks to U.S., that little whip-snort got a good education, provided by U.S., namely attending U.S. High School, and after his stint in the IDF (as a born-in-Israel Israeli), he obtained his College studies (architecture, business management, political science) in our U.S.. I have no problems with Bibi putting Israel first and saluting his Israeli flag, it's his arrogant/smug attitude that he 'deserved it' from U.S. that gets my goat. If it wasn't for U.S., he would have never had an Israeli State to be born in to begin with. Arrogant little whip-snort.

Roy G.

It's heartening to see the protests in Tel Aviv, as the masses there realize how much of their government's money is spent on militarization and maintaining the settlers, rather than the welfare of their society. The commonalities between the Israeli and US governments has never been clearer, and I give the protesters credit for their awareness and willingness to take action - unlike their counterparts in the US who are too stupefied and propagandized to know or care.


That's some blunt voice you got there :)
Will certainly subscribe to this rss.


@Nancy K

What was that old bumper sticker I used to see around?

I think it was, "Come the rapture can I have your car?"


GZC, Colonel,

What's a nation to do with all the JINSA Israeli junkets by retired U.S. Flag and General Officers? What's a nation to do?
These particulars were a few years back, 09 for the Israeli briefing at a U.S. sub base trip, and retired U.S. Flags & General Officers junket to Israel. What concerns me, is what type of security or lack thereof that was exercised with the Israeli brief at our sensitive U.S. sub base? Were/are any of these civilian members of JINSA working on behalf of Israeli Intelligence?


What type of 'conversations/discussions' did these Retired Flags & General Officers have with Israelis while in Israel? How much 'fishing' was done with them by the Israeli Intelligence apparatus?


Nancy K

steve, I remember a minister saying that it would be dangerous when the rapture came because peole driving cars or even pilots would just dissapear and planes would fall out of the sky.
Matthew, I remember that episode. Certain fiction writers have made a fortune with their left behind novels. Anything for a buck.


The best "tickle" will be a yes vote at the UN when the question of Palestine arises.


In the Deep South, whenever I've been told why / how / when I'm going to Hell, I look 'em straight in eye & say, "if the choice is Heaven w/ you, Hell will be ok."

Patrick Lang


I must move in the wrong circles. Nobody has ever said anything like that to me. pl



Ah yes, but Obama on Israeli orders is working against just such a 'tickle'. All stops have been pulled out to derail Palestine statehood attempts at the U.N., why even Israeli diplomatic types have been spotted handing out bags of cash to little nations in an attempt to buy-off their U.N. votes on the Palestinian Statehood Issue.



I do not question Gate's patriotism I question why he failed to do anything while he had authority and responsibility.



how wonderful. Why did the 'tourists' get a guided visit to the missile control room? Isn't that classified on a need to know basis?

The submarine fleet needs to move back to Groton. Kings Bay is a long way from deep water and would be quite easy to bottle up.

On a personal note why does the XO have a camouflage patterned uniform? Is moral that bad that you really need that uniform to get a feeling of machismo?

Phil Giraldi

Let's face it, no American President will ever stand up to Israel, no congressman will ever say no to Israel, and no senior bureaucrat will ever criticize Israel while they are in office until there is a seismic shift in the way the American public sees Israel. May it come soon, but I am not holding my breath.


The big test will be the UN vote on Palestinian statehood. In my understanding, the General Assembly has the authority to override a Security Council veto, which makes our rubber stamp veto for all things contra Israel useless. Then why do it?

Then there's Turkey. The amount of energy needed maintain Israel's position is unsustainable.


I recently saw a letter congresswoman Nina Lowery sent out to her Jewish supporters. In it she said she had been accused of being "a tool for Israel".
But she said she wasn't going to let this bother her and her main goal in congress would always be to protect Israel.

Yes, people are calling out the Israeli traitors in our congress.
I have called my senator three times the last month about various statement made by politicians in support of Israel...and I call them traitors because they are.

The American public doesn't support Israel, the politicians and a minority of religious fanatics and Jewish zionist do..that's not a majority.

You want to get rid of Israel?...then get rid of their politicians in our government. Call them frequently and call them traitors. And sooner than you think everyone will be calling them traitors. Make it an issue.



Wearing of camos by the XO is not surprising, considering that the OSD hasn't had the backbone to ban their wear at CONUS bars, nightclubs, sporting events, restaurants, grocery stores, some even attend civilian worship wearing their camos/bdus/flight-suits. Gone are the days of the Service Dress Uniform, since 911 the CONUS wear of Military Uniforms has IMO been bassakwards. Which makes many old timers wonder if some 'mental conditioning' isn't underway so that the civilian populace doesn't question the placement of military personnel armed with fully loaded weapons at every CONUS location where civilians congregate. The OSD IMO needs to understand that our CONUS is NOT a war zone, and the wear of battle dress has NO PLACE for wear 'inside' CONUS except on Military Installations and short to and from trips -- period!!!

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