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20 September 2011


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"Is Rick Perry running for the Knesset? Or, is he seeking the position of right hand man to Jesus when the Rapture comes?"


Thanks for the laugh, Col.


"After all, didn't Paul Newman found "Izrul?"

Too funny, Colonel.

Yeah, I remember that one, with its catchy tune. It's about as accurate as "Inglorious Bastards." Both are fantasies.


Thank you sir. It seems that pretty much takes care of the 2012 election, so I needn't bother taking it all that seriously. We as a political community don't really indicate much of an ability to escape our basic strategic confusion, do we?


But then how exactly does one organize and decide on policy at the "mass state level"? Our political structures are in a shambles.

What exactly would be the historical precedent? Russia in 1914, in its subjugation to French interests?


Col: You don't seem to buy the Obama "leading from behind" meme that Andrew Sullivan has been peddling.

Of course, "leading from behind" and "being left behind" may be a distinction without a difference.

Perry will be an improvement for the Palestinians. They will get the same shabby result as under Obama unmixed with the base alloy of phony support.


That was a good one about Paul Newman founding Israel. Funny, I've never seen Exodus, but I do like the soundtrack. Maybe never reading the book or seeing the film has left me less impressed with the place.


"There are many things about Perry that I like"




I happen to know Perry, met him on business several times. He is an affable, patriotic fellow who, like me, believes in gun rights, is pro-life, (it should go back to the states, gemerally favors a deep federalism. Too bad about the evolution and Jesus loves Israel business. I am a Christian (in an old fashioned way) but my Church thinks the Palestinians are human and that God loves everyone equally. pl

Phil Giraldi

I believe he was standing in front of an Israeli flag when he said it...


I fear that Governor Perry is one of those chameleons who can be anything to anyone.

As an example, knowing your background, did he not claim to you an association with a government agency that we both know well? Did you find any reason to believe that he really flew for them?

I, so far, do not trust this guy.

Russ Wagenfeld

Hi Pat,
I could only manage to listen to some of Perry's speech before killing the sound. But it clearly sounded like he was reading a speech he didn't write and didn't read thoroughly before delivering and which dealt with some issues/facts with which he was not conversant. To me his cadence seemed stilted and disjointed rather than smooth.



He looked pained, and he should have, Uncle Bob would not have approved. pl



He claimed to have flown for CIA. It was a lie so far as I know. Too bad. pl



Perry is letting himself be 'handled' by a foreign power, to secure their foreign gold in his campaign coffers. It's all about 'ego' for Mr. Perry. He's gotta have that 'Israel flag power symbol' behind him to drive home the message to the would-be pro-Israel money bags donators out there whoever they may be.


I thought it was Kirk Douglas who founded Isrul


I have never understood the sympathy Americans have had for the Zionists who forcibly took land away from Palestinians ... I have always sympathized with the invaded of this world rather than the invaders. I look forward to hearing what God has to say about all this when my life has ended and I go to heaven and all is revealed.


I have never understood Americans sympathy for the Zionists who forcibly took land away from the Palestinians. Might does NOT make right.

William R. Cumming

Rick Perry balloon is about to pop IMO!


.... Obama is vulnerable among Jewish Americans.

Hazards of hyphenation. Mostly for the same reasons he is vulnerable among non-right-wing-radical Zionophile Gentile-Americans.


Okay, I'll see you one and raise you one. Who can you vote for?

Personally, if it's Obama versus Perry or Romney, I will sit out.

I said several years ago that what was needed was a challenge to Obama from within his own party. That would have happened... wait for it... but for the color of Obama's skin.

Now, pillory me for racism. Say that I am introducing race into a discussion in which race has no part. Tell me that I am disgracing myself with a statement so foreign to the spirit of America that I should be ashamed of myself.

And explain why Johnson got dumped by Allard Lowenstein and there is not a peep out of the Democrats today.

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I understand Perry has Douglas Feith for an advisor - remember Iraq and WMD?

The beaver

Phil Giraldi wrote a good article where the travails of Feith were featured last August:


George Carty

I wonder if Zionists blackmail Americans by playing the American-Indian card...



We can lay the blame squarely on U.S preachers for the past 50 plus years. The Hagee type televangelists have the propaganda end sewn up, if they don't get em at the pews, they get em on the boobe tube.



Come Judgement Day, I don't think Israel and its Hagee's 'propagandist' will play too well before the seat of judgement, not with all the deaths and misery they have caused to so many innocents whose only crime is that they were born Palestinian. A butcher is a butcher is a butcher as the ol saying goes, and Israel and their Hagee propagandist fit the bill.

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