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07 September 2011


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I wish I could say I'm surprised but I'm not. I realise that it's a breach of Godwin's law to say so but that doesn't alter the fact that Israel is well on its way to becoming an openly fascistic society, if it hasn't already got there.


It should be noted that Bethlehem University is a Catholic Christian institution founded in 1973.

When Christians are attacked in the Arab world, it makes the news, though usually not the front page. Recent examples include stories about the Iraqi Christian and Egyptian Copts.

And what about the hypocrisy of major fundamentalist Christian organizations, who also ignore Israeli abuse of Christians?

William R. Cumming

INteresting how often the Jews and Muslims attack other religions and their believers by force. Is this retaliation for acts of those believers against MUSLIMS?

And I now have learned that the almost 10% of Coptic followers in Egypt once led that country in the late 19th and early 20th Century. Interesting if accurate.
I would argue that Israel is now a FACIST country in its leadership's beliefs. Ethnic cleansing seems documented. Perhaps not!

Roy G.

'Yisrael Beitenu'

Will Reks

Goodness. You can't read this stuff and not help but think there's an element of Israeli society that thinks of Palestinians as subhuman. Truly astounding considering the history of the Jewish people.

Eric Dönges


as far as I'm aware most of the Arab/Mideastern Christian denominations are associated with the Roman Catholic church, and according to fundamentalist Christians, Catholics are not Christians, Rome is the whore of Babylon, the Pope is a servant of Satan, etc. (unfortunately, I'm not making this up), so there is no hypocrisy in their eyes.

Medicine Man

I don't think the Israeli government is fascist. But there is clearly a constituency in favor of it; one that is well represented in the Knesset.


Shouldn't those settlers be charged, under Israeli law, with terrorism?


don't you know, Catholics are unsaved, because 'they haven't embraced Jesus Christ as their personal saviour'. They're just not Christian enough. The same goes for Palestinian Christians.

Being spared the messiness of death through timely rapture is more important than compassion for fellow Christians, of strike that, they're unsaved after all.

They're an exclusive bunch, these Rapturists.


Unfortunately, it seems, we no longer hang spies. See http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/breaking-news/us-scientist-guilty-of-spying-for-israel/story-e6frf7jx-1226131831486

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