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13 August 2011


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What our nation the U.S. desperately needs is someone of the caliber of the late Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone, better known as St. Francis of Assisi. One who puts the higher purpose ahead of one's vanity and selfishness. We need someone in the White House who will beg with the beggars. We need someone who is not afraid to repair our nation's house.

The same thing could be said for our corrupted Congress, we could use a flood of St. Francis of Assisi clones there, and the sooner the better.

Somehow I don't see Mr. Obama having enough personal character to beg with the beggars.

William R. Cumming

The whole point now is not the present salary structure by the decisionmaking by all elected officials hoping for the big payoff post elective office.

But hey the trappings of office nice to tide one over until the big sellout.



You misunderstood me. Whether he earned it or not has little to do with anything. (irony alert) That's old school Col. Reality has little to do with these things these days. Which is why I have little to do with pols these days. My point is...and I still think it valid...you could start any sentence/sentiment you wanted with the phrase 'Listen...they can go shit in their hats....', and right there, you will have over half the American people supporting you. Not saying it is a good thing. Or it should be that way...saying it just IS THAT WAY.

Russ Wagenfeld

Hi Pat,
Being a lake person, I have always been underwhelmed by Martha’s Vineyard. At my favorite NH lake this weekend I was surprised (and please) by the degree of support Obama enjoys among my friends there. I believe that NH independents can vote in the Republican primary. Could be very interesting. Only the citizens of Vermont are less church going than those of NH.


Challenge you that your eyes are on the wrong ball.

From an article entitled:

"CEO pay up 23% in 2010"

"...in 1980 the chief executive of S&P company CEOs reviewed received, on average, about 42 times the average pay of a worker. By 2000 the gap had widened to 525 times and “even after the economic crisis,” the gap in 2010 is 343 times the average worker..."


And from the CATO Institute:

"Twenty-five top recipients of government bailout funds spent more than $71 million on lobbying in the year since they were rescued."


Sure the government wastes money and is inefficient but the real crime is what's legal. Lobbying so a giant Ponzi scheme (AKA "financial innovation") can be run on the rubes (AKA average American taxpayer).

Corporations have the same rights as American citizens? Just like the bailouts past and to come, all the benefits none of the liabilities.

Now, look at the following charts and see how payroll taxes have increased and corporate taxes have decreased as a percentage of federal revenue: Corporate goes from approximately 30% to 10% (2009) and payroll goes from 10% to 25%.

Why not focused on these facts instead of appearances if you're are interested in a clear vision of American trends and justice?


I would think that with the current state of the economy, loss of credit rating, threat of more quantitative easing, etc., a working vacation would give the appearance of pandering to voters - obviously not particularly important.

In that line, the voters are not scary - they are powerless. The new power centers are scary as is their growing condescension towards the constitution (IMO).


Everyone needs a vacation, even disheartened presidents faring poorly in polls and goals. Maybe esp those presidents.

If he has lost the fire for the job, or thought he could do it without that fire, on reason and will alone, then he should bow out for 2012.

Wish one could see a clear, likely candidate anywhere, who might actually make a positive difference. But presidential power looks fairly circumscribed today by the aims and interests of powerful supporters who enable an individual to rise to that position.

As present govt has demonstrated again and again, it will take a changed Congress as well as a president to act effectively.

I wonder how much this impasse reflects the voters, ourselves, our confusion in an historical moment in which social and power structures again rearrange themselves?

I try to imagine those few, long decades of the mid-19th c, preceding the WBS, which look in retrospect like a long period of impasse and ineffective leaders. Maybe an historian here can say if there is any comparison.


".. all of these things point to a view of the president's term as an experience to be savored rather than a very hard job."

I have thought that for a long time.But then I didn't vote for the man anyway-- changed my mind at the last minute and wrote in Chuck Hagel's name. I will probably write in another name in the next election also.
The only difference between the whimp liberals and the neo freak right is how slow or fast you want the country to die.

William R. Cumming

J. I would vote for a St. Thomas Acquinas to help with the faith versus reason dialectic now wrenching American politics. But hey St. Francis for VP!

Unfortunately, no Saints likely to be running. But many looking like they will make Dante's lower levels of HELL--acts of omission rather than acts of commission.



I see the all the Prez candidates (including the Nero-complex-ed one) running from the four cardinal virtues, like a rabid dog avoids water. Might we even see Perry and Bachmann loosing their toupe and wig in the process? Now that would be an amusing sight to behold.

The sad thing is that none of them seem to realize all their ill gotten gains cannot be carried with them after one's death, the Pharaohs tried and look at all their loot still sitting gathering dust as time passes by. Instead of concentrating on 'life' they concentrate on theft.

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