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21 August 2011


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Babak Makkinejad


You are missing the point.

Men is the State of Fall, need governance and checks-and-balances.

The current crop of the Republican Party evidently believe that they and their buddies are in the State of Grace and thus have no need to be subjected to Checks-and-Balances.

Checks-and-Balances are for the "Little People"; those who work for a living and pay their taxes. Checks-and-Balances are not needed for the Elect.



Great post and comment stream.

Your focus on the plans to turn Medicare into a private program hit home with me. They will mean more than a diminution of health care for seniors. As far as Repub. plans that have been aired, mainly the Ryan plan, without significant alteration they will be the end of health insurance for seniors for all practical purposes.

The Ryan plan states that plans offered on the exchanges must take seniors. However, the insurance companies made clear in negotions over the PPACA ("Obama care") that they would not take people with pre-existing conditions without inclusion of the individual mandate. As far as I can tell there is no such mandate in Ryan's or any other Repub. plans. Sixty five years of wear and tear are guaranteed to generate pre-existing conditions. Just try to buy an individual policy after age 60 today. So, no mandate=no policies available on the exchanges for seniors or anyone else with a pre-existing condition. Policies will presumably then only be available without exchanges the way they are now and seniors will be excluded in any practical sense. It's a cruel hoax. There is no Repub. plan to replace Medicare. Just empty BS.

I am very worried about Democratic losses next year. Without Obama and/or the Senate to hold back the vandals health insurance for (non-military-retired) seniors and those with pre-existing conditions will likely be history.

Those of you on Medicare (like me) who are thinking about sitting out 2012 (not like me) because you're peeved at Obama should consider the implications and act as your own and your country's interests dictate.



Confusedponderer, both sides of Congress are populated by multi millionaires. Both sides of Congress require very large amounts of donor money to run election campaigns.

The media, a critical necessity for any election campaign, are concentrated in the hands of a very few Oligarchs.

It is no accident that the President lunched yesterday with the CEO of Comcast, which owns NBC. CNBC has been ruthlessly depressing about the prospects for the American economy.


Are you still confused?


I think the current gop candidates believe they are both forgiven and on the road to Providence, which is, of course,not the one paved with good intentions.

Ken Hoop

It is useless for a Dem to complain about the GOP as the party of the plutocracy unless the Dem is also pushing primarying Obama from the Left.


Is there anyone to the left of Obama left in the Democratic patry? (Kucinich is not allowed). By todays standards, Nixon was to the left of Obama.

Babak Makkinejad

Yes, Fred; one could forgive their delusions but how could one gloss over the fact that they would be indirectly causing the premature death of hundreds of thousands of people?

Are the old, the ditch-digger, the unlucky deserving of death? Because that is what they are saying.


Is this the reason that the US media has been scared mentioning the name of Ron Paul?

Ron Paul seems as agreeing with Lindbergh’s opinion on 1913 FED Act: “The greatest crime of the ages is perpetrated by this banking and currency bill.”


if throw in The Family (read the book of the same name, [Harper, 2008] by Jeff Sharlet) what you wrote may even be literally true:

"... David Coe ...[i]s a surprising source of counsel, spiritual or otherwise. Attempting to explain what it means to be chosen for leadership like King David was -- or Mark Sanford, according to his own estimate -- he asked a young man who'd put himself, body and soul, under the Family's authority, "Let's say I hear you raped three little girls. What would I think of you?" The man guessed that Coe would probably think that he was a monster. "No," answered Coe, "I wouldn't." Why? Because, as a member of the Family, he's among what Family leaders refer to as the "new chosen." If you're chosen, the normal rules don't apply."


Interesting facet.

confused? me? Besides, of course you are right in pointing out that both parties represent moneyed interests, including their own, and about US corporate media pursuing their owners interests and according narratives, how else to explain the otherwise inexplicable disappearance of Iowa straw poll #2 Ron Paul in the news.


Babak Makkinejad

Statement such as the above are common in mystical traditions of Hinduism and also of Islam.

Yes, confusedponderer: in a state of mystical ecstacy, men think that they have left the bounds of humanity.

Evidently, Charles Manson - a practicioner of mysticism - so believed and behaved.

Somthings never change - and then the use fo the word "Family" in this connection is quite eerie, no?



The short answer is 'yes' since they are not considered as people.

Nancy K

JT, if seniors, hate Obama so much that they will give up their Medicare and throw themselves on the mercy of insurance companies, so be it. Let them cut off their nose to spite their face.
I'm a senior, who will start Medicare shortly and I am definitly voting and it won't be for a Republican.


As an aside - Diamond Jim was a Tammany democrat - My great grandpa was a colleague of his.

Diamond Jim liked to live well, but he was a good fellow and a far more interesting character than today's typical GOPer.


Diamond Jim believed in honest graft.

Larry Kart

Correction: That Trollope novel I was thinking of in which an American heiress prominently figures was "The Duke's Children," not its predecessor "The Prime Minister."

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