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09 August 2011


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Thank you.

The Twisted Genius

I always had the feeling that something was missing from that spot. Surely there must be an old artillery piece somewhere that could be rolled into place. It should be accurately layed on the Capitol as a quiet act of defiance.

John Minnerath

I remember as a junior high school kid in the 50s driving through France. Those old tanks were still to be seen in farmers fields and out of the way corners in small towns. One time we drove by a field of Spads and other WWI biplanes stacked in rows, nose first tails in the air.
The country had been ripped apart during WWII and the clean up from that war was still going on, yet here were military armaments from the war before still in heaps scattered across the country side.


"Infantry cooperation", God bless them.


Canberra War Museum has one of the little fellas:



Patton with an FT . . .


Charles I

Today while it rained we watched When Trumpets Fade, a 1998 HBO movie about the battle of the Hurtgen Forest in the months prior to the Battle of the Bulge. Hemingway compared the Hurtgen forest to the British Offensive in Paschendale during World War I.

Seemed very well done to me, a nightmarish battle by all accounts.



Better men than I.

Medicine Man

I would have loved to have had such a set piece in one of my playgrounds when I was young. Sad and misguided that the city-nannies removed it.


Our recently decommissioned Leopard tanks now grace the lawns of some Thirty RSLs(Returned Servicemens League) around the country.



Speaking of Patton I grew up in the next town over from a park where one of Patton's WW2 tanks sits for all to play on. The VFW guys paint it every few years and keep it in good shape. I take my grandkids there every year.

Check out www.salemnews.com today for an interesting article The Odor of Valor for a good laugh. There is a great comment in there.


Oops the article is The Smell of Victory

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