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09 August 2011


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Mr. Sale,
What song should we sing? Why Kumbya of course. What anxious topic should occupy our craniums? Why a 'return' of the 'official' $3.075 Billion welfare handout (oops I meant 'aid') back to the U.S. where it can do some real good helping hurting Americans. Let philanthropic institutions like the Tulsa OK based AIEF arm of a-IPAC that are funding the 81 Congresso trips to Israel this month (led by Cantor & Hoyer), let the parent philanthropic of the AIEF pick up the tab from now on. Our U.S. Treasury and U.S. Congress have bigger fish to fry. Ooops I forgot, Congress is currently 'Occupied Territory' just like Palestine. Well I guess there goes our hard earned U.S. denaros down the sank-hole known as the Mid-East Peace Process and more needed-at-home-denaros dumped once again into the pariah state called Israel.

Has anybody asked Mr. Ross why he doesn't go ahead and do his עלייה thingy so we the U.S. can concentrate on more important matters, like our own house, and tending to our own hurting citizens.


According to JPost, 20% of the House will travel to Israel during the August recess, http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?ID=232876&R=R1&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter.



Most of those House that comprise the Israeli trip are fresh green-horn 'sheep' (oops I meant Congress persons) to be shorn for their future 'wool' (guarantee they'll be on the Israeli governmental bandwagon).

Phil, Colonel,

I have to wonder how many surveillance bugs (both video and audio) that ShinBet and the Mossad will adorn our visiting Congress personnel with? How many 'honey traps' do you think has already been put in place for the incoming mutton-on-the-hoof? So if ever one of them decides to rock the Israeli bandwagon, Mossad will have on hand a convenient dvd/recording which will bubble to the surface before their very Congressional faces.

William R. Cumming

The aphorism "never feel bad for a man with a cause" rings hollow with me. Those who dedication to a cause creates blinders worry me immensely. Is no one else troubled by the visit on recess of large numbers of members of Congress, and perhaps staff and spouses, to a single country. After all there are almost 200 others. Including the newest formerly part of the Sudan.

And is this being done to avoid the wrath of constituents at home that rightfully believe the USA has enough problems to fill any recess needs to produce solutions. Each of these visitors should be forced to produce a video as to what they learned and what they did in-country so to speak.


Mr. Sale

Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful essay.

Now, the million dollar question--what do you foresee as the status of Israel and Palestine in, say, ten years time?

Roy G.

Shimon Peres laid the strategy bare when meeting with his fellow travelers in the Apartheid SA Govt, in how to deal with their 'kaffir' problem: pretend to make concessions, then slow walk the process until the natives are 'ready,' which of course never happens.

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case worldwide, the extremists are holding their more reasonable countrymen hostage. I think it's time for some external pressure on Israel in the form of Boycott, Divest, Sanction.


Roy G.,

Don't you know, the Israeli Knesset bunch made it [external & internal pressure] 'illegal', and they'll go after anybody who dares to 'boycott/divest/sanction', they'll go after them with a passion. And if their legal eagle ways don't work, they'll send their Mossad goons after them.


Thank you Mr. Sale. Very interesting, and it put a smile on my face at the end of it.

Perhaps the New York Times crew can have a crack at the negotiations...?


Talk about the kettle calling the pot black!

Mr Sales, apparentaly, your obsession is the "peace process". Why do we need a "peace process" in Israel? So that you can have it as a hobby, or as moral cover for just a wee bit of good old Jew hating?

There has never been meaningful long term peace there. Except, when some great power turned the entire land into one great big KILL ZONE!

The Palestinans have always been some other peoples doormats and pawns. I imagine, they all ways will be. Their irrational behaviors and cultural defecienies, help make it so. Sad, but true, nobody said life is fair.

If all you closet anti semites, want to take Israel out? You better move quickly. Because, when the Jews start producing oil and gas in significant numbers. You guys are going to stunned,amazed,and dismayed at how many new "best friends", Israel has at that point.

Another point to cheer your little Jew hating hearts. My money is on the Israelis, to successfully annex Judea and Samaria in the next year or so.

Damn! Fighting them Jews is a bitch, isn't it? There are more rewarding hobbies.

Medicine Man

I was under the impression that the US cannot veto a UN general assembly vote; only the UN security council votes can be vetoed. Was I mistaken?

FB Ali

The poor have come out on the streets of Israel's cities. They are rioting in Britain. And in the US?

Barbara Ehrenreich (of "Nickel and Dimed" fame) has written a startling and painful account of the state of the poor in America today. At:


"Historically, the cause of the dispute began in 1948 when Israel’s victory established Israel as a sovereign state. This resulted in the expulsions of many Palestinians from their Muslim homes. The loss of Muslim sacred lands rubbed the Palestinians where they were very raw"

I note with interest this attempt to frame the dispute as one of conflict with Muslims. Mr. Sale is blithely ignoring the significant number of Palestinian Christians (and their role in the resistance to the Israeli occupiers) and of the significant number of Palestinian secularists (and their role in the resistance to the Israeli occupiers). It was the failure of Fatah - the secularists to accomplish any meaningful progress for the Palestinians coupled with their corrupt governance once they got their hands on a little power that prepared the ground for organisations such as Hamas.


You are too kind Mr.Sale.
Our relationship with Israel can be summed up with one word--Treason.

Total abdication of US and the American peoples interest in exchange for 30 pieces of silver with the Israel string attached by US Israel loyalist.

Can't we please start talking straight about this. Time has run out.
And it will only get worse.


"The Palestinans have always been some other peoples doormats and pawns. I imagine, they all ways will be. Their irrational behaviors and cultural defecienies, help make it so. Sad, but true, nobody said life is fair."

Highlander, you are an embassassment.



Can you please explain something, just where the heck is the Billions ('officially' $3.075Billion figure for this year) in our 'annual' U.S. economic aid to Israel going, and into whose pockets? It sure isn't the average Israeli, and this weeks' activities only underscores that point. I say let's bring our U.S. money home and help our own fellow Americans, let the philanthropics like that Tulsa OK based one which funds all those Congressional trips to Israel that are taking place this month, pick up the aid to Israel money activity. Our Treasury needs to focus its coffers here at home, not abroad.
Where has all our financial aid money gone? I don't see it anywhere on the Israeli landscape.


FB Ali,

As Barbara Eherenreich points out "Someone,” she commented, “ought to do the old-fashioned kind of journalism -- you know go out there and try it for themselves.”

Don't look for Fareed Zakariyah, Joe Scarobourgh or any of the others across the spectrum of American media to do this, it doesn't pay and they don't get invited to the right parties if they do such a thing.

William R. Cumming

What org exactly is funding the Congressional junket to Israel?

Charles I

Highlander, you are today's winner of the disapprove-of-Israeli/US government-action / Jewish-antisemite-victim switcheroo door prize.

A country of Rastafarians behaved like Israel, I wouldn't care how much dope they had if thay made my government do crazy shit and rubbed its face in it. Besides, people often invade wherever the big oil and dope is. . .

Patrick Lang


where was the "big oil?" Iraq? pl

William R. Cumming

BASRA and Kurdistan seems to have the most Big Oil potential in Iraq.


This is specifically for you, as an illustration of tribal psyche. Note the complete lack of attachment and loyalty to a country of naturalization (the US) and that Zborovsky son went to live in Israel.

Charles I


Charles I

I also recall a rant of mine long ago about plan Columbia, where someone was kind enough to blow up a pipeline as our PM Harper breezed through this week. My point is, where there's oil and dope, there's very often big fighting.

Fact that Iraqi's didn't do as planned is hindsight, its cited as # four global reserves.


Churchill deployed poison gas in the future Saudi Arabia for reasons that escape me at the moment, something tribal I know.

Patrick Lang


I made it very clear from the beginnig that the war in Iraq had nothing to do with oil. pl

Medicine Man

If you're critical of Israel you must hate dem joos? Thanks for clearing that up, Highlander.

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