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09 August 2011


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Charles I

We have blackberries and assholes on this side of the pond too, so don't be too smug. American rioters may be shooting back at the police and fire services as well, as vigilante citizens shoot at the rioters.

The riots are not about one police shooting.

Your unemployment rate is officially given as 9.2%, must be considerably higher. The percentage of "99'ers" soon at the end of their rope, if not out on the street, is due for a "balloon" as the bankers call it.

Will it leak out with a sigh, or pop in our faces?

Patrick Lang

Charles I

I am not being smug. i am laughing at english smugness. i fully realize how tough things are in places like Miami, butthe English are beyond belief in their sense of superiority. there is a reason why my ancestors left the place 400 years ago. pl


There are a lot of 'red faces' in Her Majesty's Government' over this. Seems that the Crown was caught with their knickers down and had 'no knowledge'. So much for Brit surveillance, now watch as the Crown puts the screws to all Brit citizens with hammer-down style surveillance of their every move to include when they pop those pimples on their Brit arses. Poor blokes. I have always wondered why the Brit citizenry never took the hint from us colonial types and threw off the Crown.

William R. Cumming

Great Britain is mobilizing the entirety of its policing assets for this event which gives some insight as to how the Government views this event. Does anyone reading this blog think they understand how the USA would handle this event in its Capital? I have sent to personal letters to two different AG's asking them to review and update procedures on Riots and Civil Disorders now that a DHS exists. No answers and I know for a fact no system in place. So what will happen? Immediate reliance on the Armed Forces of the USA! Yup! That is the plan. It can happen here. And by the way wonder who might take advantage of such a situation--terrorist or extremists?


I'm surprised that the bobbies are even leaving their stations.
The British cops have been so PC-neutered that I wonder if they even know what to do next.



Now this one is interesting, take a look at page 7 of the above article. Why the Brit police are wearing military style bloomers. The must have been watching U.S. SWAT TV shows, and posing in front of their mirrors trying to get that 'SWAT scowl' look down-pat.

And check out page 12, they appear to have also been watching U.S. CSI TV programs as well.

Jose L Campos

I am religious. I can't avoid thinking: England Libya...
For we know him that hath said, vengeance belonged unto me, I will recompense, saith the Lord. And again, the Lord shall judge His people.


Col Lang. I read this everyday and you talk a lot of sense. But really this post is a weak attempt at baiting British people. Tell me the American who doesnt enjoy a sense of superiority over Old Europe. Anyway, the idea that arming the British police is going to either stop this from happening or is a feasible method for dealing with a bunch of underclass kids looting is ridiculous. Are you saying the British police could simply murder them and have done with it?
Admit you got this one wrong.


This is what happens when your model for dealing with protest fails. Kettling only works when you know the times of the protest, the location and path of the protest, and can bring in enough man-power from outside the city to contain the protesters.

Actually, you could say that the tables were turned on the MET London police for the past three days.

However, Sussex is busing in 1700 officers along with more from around the country to bring the total number of Police between 14,000 and 16,000.

Will the old tactic will work now?

Patrick Lang


Yes. I am laughing at the English. pl


The Brits are fond of their euphemisms, especially in police matters. My favorite is "A man is helping police with their inquiries" Translation: "A suspect is in custody"



And then we'll see that word phrase that you have said doesn't exist, subsequently used to the max -- Martial Law.


@WRC "So what will happen? Immediate reliance on the Armed Forces of the USA! Yup! That is the plan."

Yes. A large outbreak of Flash mobbery and the people would be happy to wave them off on trains to those imaginary FEMA camps (mentioned on the other thread). No second thoughts after three days bombardment with those London images.

William R. Cumming

By the way several large protests are scheduled for DC this month!


'tis an ill wind ... and all that ...

At least it provides graphic distraction from the chaos on the trading floor.


"Those weren't Tottenham people. They were from a different area. I didn't recognise them. I think they've done very bad things to Tottenham," he said.

Many witnesses agreed. One teenager, who refused to give his name or age, said: "I've seen so many people that I've never seen before. I think there was some people who just came to take the opportunity."

It was a similar story in Enfield, where locals were insistent that the looters, who raided many stores including a jeweller, a chemist and several chain stores, were largely from the fringes of the borough or further afield.

They were equally clear that the trouble, or at least the preparations for it, was planned and premeditated.

Many teenagers showed off the same BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) alert passed round on Sunday, telling people to meet at Enfield's train station at 4pm.

"Everyone I know got that BBM. I knew what was going to happen here that morning," said Alice, 17, who lives close to the town centre. "It told you to pass it to all your contacts."

Her friend, Alixe, also 17, did what the message asked. "There was a whole load of people at the station from 4pm, waiting round for a couple of hours. People were driving past slowly to check it out – you could tell they knew what was going on."


Col. Lang,
I know this is off topic. RJ Hillhouse is reporting that OBL was caught/killed due to ISI informant who wanted the 25m reward. Its on FDL--scroll down. She goes on to say Saudi government was paying Pakistan to keep him under house arrest in Abbotabad. I was curious of your take on that.

Farmer Don

OK, why are so many British youth in the mood to riot? Could it be all the malinvestments in wars and housing booms have wasted money that could have been used for real investments that would have given them a chance to get half decent jobs.
Don't talk about how your riots will compare to theirs. Talk about how both countries have sadly wasted so much money it has led to this.

Patrick Lang

WRC et al

I was taught in every service school from the Basic Course to the War College that martial law is merely what you call what a commander does when the civil courts are not open or are ineffective. I was also taught that that same comander is liable in the civil courts for his actions when the emergency ends as Andrew Jackson was after he seized power in NO in 1814.

As for rioters, if all else fails either ball ammunition is used or the insurgents in the streets take power. pl

Patrick Lang


Yes to both but the ISI walk in merely confirmed the existing analytic opinion that UBL was in a major Pak city under ISI protection. pl

Patrick Lang

farmer don

Or maybe they are just lazy bums. Claude told me to say that. pl

bill roche

Dear Pat: Like Martin I read SST often but unlike him, I often disagree with you. Not this time. Your post was blackly (?) funny. It gave me a good laugh. How bad is that? Now I'll slip to the political. Stop open immigration. It has harmed the Dutch, French, Spanish, and Italians. About 15 years ago a Austrian politician wanted to stop this business in Austria and he was condemned as a Fascist. Now it harms the Brits. People come in and get on the dole. Their offspring want more. They don't respect nor are they grateful for what the host country has given them, and begin to trash it the place. Enlightened Europeans should recognize this pattern as fact. Tut Tut, cherrio, and carry on then Colonel.

Bill Roche




The caption on page 11 of the articl"Tottenham MP David Lammy and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg inspect the damage caused to businesses in Tottenham on Aug. 8."

What were these two fine gents doing to help all those poor folks in the past few years? Perhaps another round of tax cuts will help that unemployment rate?



Even better is the caption "Rick Perry Still has Faith in the Neocons" that links to another FP article. How fitting in a story on rampant destruction and violence due in a good part to neoconomics.

bill roche

Farmer Don
Oh, they are British youth. Thanks for making that clear.
bill roche

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