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04 August 2011


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David J.

dan of steele,

Well said. Obama is like a boxer who took a dive in the 3rd round. He will surely be well rewarded by Wall Street.

William R. Cumming

Walrus! The President is a victim but of his own ego and hubris and incompetence. But time will render the ultimate verdict and that may not be so long off. He was successful as Charles points out elsewhere on this blog in comments in pushing the ball down the road. But that road may end long before he thinks it will.
And now guess what? WALL STREET has discovered that while the USA political system may be captive to their wishes and desires and corruption the rest of the world has figured out that American capitalism is not a political system but a distorted economic system that has its problems. Expecting the USA to impose informal capital flows soon and WALL STREET understands they are on the run NOW!


@ Jose

"America wanted a Lion and got one, but unfortunately it was the Lion from The Wizard of Oz."

Probably the best one sentence summary of our President I've read anywhere. The only real emotion I can conjure up about Obama now is contempt.



The financial markets are responding to the reality that global policy makers are panicking. Does this desperation lead to Clausewitz's idea that "War is the continuation of policy by other means" as the endgame?

William R. Cumming

Was not the Clausewitz's language "Politics" not "policy"?


maybe. and i'm sure there are a lot of dc phd consultants that would be able to pick apart my regression models, but how about we try thinking big about the implications of the age of austerity and desperate politicians.


A football team that punts on 1st down isn't in a state of surrender, but of collusion. Obama and those that paid for him and the Republican leadership got exactly what they wanted, no 32 level chess required.

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