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12 August 2011


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SAC Brat

The beaver and MRW, thanks. Even leaving her last name off got me nothing on my obvious noun search string. Go figure.

Stills seems an odd topic for Fox News Group.

The beaver


The best words that have worked for me so far:

"Israel junket"


Phil Weiss has a good post up on this and related items:




How do we the U.S. go about pulling the State Dept. by its short-hairs and having them pull their $200k 'grant' to the Israeli Intel store front MEMRI? Isn't such a 'grant' to a Foreign Intel apparatus not a slap in our U.S. face?

The beaver

Guess who shares the same IP address as MEMRI- Rita Katz, who closed her S.I.T.E. Institute and opened SITE Intelligence Group.
She was the one who had "advanced" (wink , wink) copies of OBL's tapes. Well, wonder on which projects she is toiling on these days!!!!!!!

Margaret Steinfels

Steny Hoyer (D.-MD) led the Democratic congressional delegation, promising lotsa money even if we are going broke. What a guy! Story from the Jerusalem Post: http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=233319


Margaret Steinfels,

(Heavy sigh), Alas poor Steny Hoyer is like the small 'a' in 'a-IPAC', 'slient' when it comes to U.S. interests first. And to think it is U.S. citizens who are padding Steny's personal bank accounts, not his Israeli buds like Bibi. Or are they?

Hmmm......do you suppose that Steny is drawing a bigger salary from Bibi -- under the table perhaps?



I unfortunately have not found any additional information to date but will keep you and other forumers posted if I find something.


Lee, Phil,

Found one of those GOP freshmen who went on Cantor's Israeli Congressional Junket -- Rep. Nan Hayworth R-19 NY, she even fell all over herself 'gushing' with praises. An ophthalmologist by trade, seems rather naive when it comes to U.S. Foreign Policy and the real Mideast. I'd say she has been amply 'indoctrinated' by the a-IPAC/Likud crowd to be one of their good little sheep dogs.
Here's Rep. Hayworth's article in the NRO

Abrahi Mbra

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